"Meng beast Academy" hanbok two test recruitment video

Updated: October 13, 2015  Views: 33

NEXON Korea announced today by Ngine Studios developed online role-playing game for the academy << Meng beast College (formerly, Ar: pieL >> starting today want to participate in the Second Korea raise packaging and testing players, scheduled October 28 In South Korea launched the second beta.

IC packaging and testing operations with the proceeds to expand, NEXON today unveiled a new wave of secondary packaging and testing new role Cecil promotional video and an introductory video.

NEXON said Meng beast College << >> Main is a fusion of the human form of animal characters and adventure-themed story school feeling, produced online role-playing game, players will fight side by side with the school's students, and together enjoy a rich and varied of school life.

<< College >> Meng beast raised today until the 25th beta players want to participate in Han Guoguan network, scheduled to raise 1 million, and will be launched in Korea secondary packaging and testing October 28 to November 1.

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Traditional Chinese: 《萌獸學院》韓服2測招募視頻