These factors suggest the crude oil market turmoil?

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In the case of the dollar losing influence, and from top to bottom in the oil began to work, and start production in Saudi Arabia let the engine, resulting in the international crude oil market oversupply, then began a sharp decline in international oil prices, while in the international oil prices fell to $ 35 , the US again Henzhao, will be in Iran nuclear sanctions lifted, and Fanghuguishan Iran after the reunification, in order to regain market share before the sanctions, also began production of small motors. this will be an oversupply of crude oil market has become more the grim.

Have to say, Saudi Arabia does not cut Iran's production. The international crude oil market outlook darkness. And just in case of success with China to avoid the dollar after shearing, Russia has ushered in challenging low international oil prices.

It can be said, the US dollar hegemony in Russia who sucked a lot of blood, and let the oil hegemony fear Russia is no longer suppressed.

Part Chinese oil deals with Iran is continuing fermentation will issue RMB settlement, causing shocked the world, insiders said it would challenge the dollar hegemony and promote the further internationalization of the RMB.

[Xinhua Oil Technical Analysis]

Daily chart on Thursday, five consecutive closed lower, short-covering before gradually gains. And today opened slightly higher open higher volatility, K Line, Yang received a short, 5-day moving average line 0 axis is formed below the support line .MACD MACD rose, long sustained energy increment. On the whole, even in front of two female income, short-covering, though temporarily closing Yang today, but not yet a breakthrough on Friday fell negative column, and therefore need to focus on today's closing line situation today refer to support the resistance at Friday's high and low.

Line four hours, the oil shock upstream along Brin rail, rail Guaitou down, upside shrinking drawings MACD line Sicha downward trend unabated, short energy volume, KDJ indicator upward polymerization, stronger oil prices. Comprehensive to , the current trend is still short belong, although oil prices on the strong side, but the operation is not recommended to direct the high chase.

[Xinhua oil operation strategy]

1,215 into the air near the target 204, stop 3 points.

Into more than 2,209 neighborhood, the target 219, stop 3 points.

Powei 3,215 into more than 220 targets, stop three points.

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