Supply-side reform was born three new hot stocks strong rise

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Supply-side reform: RE Group's consolidation

Prior to the Ministry of Industry, held in 2016 proposed rare earth industry forum meeting on January 29, 'Thirteen Five' period of rare earth industry will focus on promoting supply-side reforms, completion of all the rare-earth group of six working groups set up before the end of June this year. At present, six rare Earth Group, the Aluminum Corporation of China, China North rare Earth Group, Xiamen Tungsten, China Southern rare Earth Group has completed the formation of China Minmetals Group, Guangdong rare Earth Group set up work is still advancing.

Vice Minister of Information Industry and the Ministry of Xin Guobin noted that before the end of June 2016 to complete all six rare earth group formed to work to achieve a substantial reorganization of assets as the link. Authorities continue to implement policies to support the formation of the Group for the timely completion of the integration task Group key support. through closed-out, transfer, etc., Yajian Group smelting and separation capacity, support groups bigger industrial applications, to enhance the core competitiveness.

Enthusiastically participated in the two sessions before the supply-side reform

The annual 'two sessions' an important event in the capital market attention over the past year, the market fell from 5000 highs, investors' confidence has been clobbered, the current Chinese economy is in the transformation and upgrading of the special period, the supply-side reforms will will be hot this year. after the new government took office, efforts to promote reform significantly increased, in addition to pushing the reform of state-owned enterprises last year, at this stage, the supply-side reform would be a top priority.

From last year to now, and both central and local or industry level, the supply-side reform to emphasize more, I believe that two of the country, the supply-side reform this year will be the most mentioned deputies and CPPCC members hot topic.

Industry warm warming

2015 rare earth industry as a whole downturn, barely by the amount of praseodymium and neodymium price support operation, many large companies are at a loss, but falling material prices also stimulated the downstream consumption, the data show that in 2015 NdFeB and polishing rare earth powder with growth in volume, while the number of rare earth exports also increased, according to the General Administration of Customs on January 15 released data show that China in January 2016 rare earth export 4013 tons, an increase 175.4%, and the amount of exports We have increased.

It is understood that only the rare earth industry started down every day to celebrate, there are NdFeB industry source said: NdFeB industry this year released a grand celebration started down factories also increased significantly, NdFeB industry may also order the better trend.

Meanwhile Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association has identified in February 2016 market forecast average price of tungsten, wolframite last month lifting 09,000 yuan / ton to 75,000 yuan standard / standard tons, or nearly 14 percent since last July the highest average price forecast.

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