Lodge to join Night of Destiny anime cooperation

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<< Rocky >> Chinese mainland carriers century heaven announced that its ultra-popular classic cartoon games << >> Lodge and Japanese animation < > The joint cooperation will be officially opened on September 23.

Popular all landed roles Lodge << >>

< > As one of Japan's most popular anime, has created 'Ensaka Rin', 'Shiro Wei Gong', 'Ellie Yasi Phil' Knight Rider bow of the 'Archer', the gun 'Lancer' The Sword knight 'Saber', and so a fresh role, in China also received a large number of fans, alike.

The Lodge at << >> and < > During linkage < > In the popular role domineering queen 'Ensaka Rin' warm gentle man 'Shiro Wei Gong' Cyborg 'Ellie Yasi Phil' and so will all debut << >> Lodge in.

Moreover, << >> Lodge is the < > The 'Royal Lord' and 'from those' gorgeous costumes, weapons and suits are brought Erin world!

Super Meng new experience, 'Yu main secondary Doll'

Super Meng's 'Ensaka Rin' Auxiliary dolls, 'Archer' auxiliary dolls, 'Saber' dolls and other auxiliary Lodge in << >> heavyweight debut! As with anime, they Erin continent also has a strong skills, will help in danger of players out of the woods in the << >> Lodge.

Restore the original classic story 'special investigation'

Except < > Classic roles, props, players from those who will use the unique powerful skills, such as Saber's Excalibur, wind king enchantment, Archer sword infinite system, Caladbolg, Berserker of twelve trials, swing cut other skills challenge Ultimate Boss, completed activities 'special investigation', allowing you to experience an immersive game as from those of blood and moving. In addition, the completion of 'special investigation' have access Archer Bow, victory Saber Sword, Saber dolls wrapped, Archer dolls wrapped, Saber models, Archer model and other precious props.

Experience the wonderful 'Holy Grail War'

Players from the 'Saber', 'Archer', 'Gilgamesh' from the three who choose to participate in a 'destiny dice' activities, in the game the original painting by close to the real characters, scenes, weapons, props interpretation of the original of < > Cartoon story, a perfect reproduction of the Holy Grail War, will let you hooked!

Participation 'Fate Dice' campaign a chance to win Archer bow, the sword of victory Saber, Rin Ensaka model, Ellie Yasi and other precious props Phil model.

September 23, the embodiment of imperial master and from those who fight together for the Holy Grail, the real experience < > Original story, surprise welfare wayward Exchange, the strongest linkage animation in << >> Rocky!

[About Lodge]:

<< Rocky >> Nexon Korea lasted for many years by the development of MMORPG masterpiece. Its not only a rare Celtic mythology as the background, but also has a wonderful story line and an unparalleled wealth system unique Scandinavian style with Japan combining animation screen, so exposure to which players experience the fantasy adventure at the same time better enjoy idyllic and happy life.

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Traditional Chinese: 洛奇攜手命運之夜動漫合作