Yunnan innovation focus areas of investment and financing mechanism to encourage social investment

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 53

In May this year, under the Yunnan provincial government issued a << on key areas of innovation and investment and financing mechanism to encourage social investment in the implementation of views >>, proposed to further innovation focus areas of public services, resources and environment, ecological construction, infrastructure investment and financing mechanism, encourage social capital to invest, and play a key role in good investment for economic growth.

<< Opinions >> pointed out that innovative financing mechanisms are key areas in order to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, breaking the monopoly and market barriers, and effectively reduce the access threshold to establish a fair and open and transparent market environment, and create equal rights, equal opportunities and equal rules of the investment environment and revitalize the stock, with a good increment, adjust the structure, make up the short board, serving national and provincial distribution of productive forces, promote the construction of key areas, to increase the effective supply of public goods.

<< Comments >> Yunnan province requires states, municipalities (Yunnan Industrial District Management Committee and provincial departments should be in accordance That is the basic principle of non-ban, creating equal opportunities for investment, innovation and investment operation mechanism, expand social capital investment approach, optimizing the use of government investment direction and way, play a guiding role in promoting innovative financing, expand financing channels, improve price formation mechanism, to play the price leverage.

<< >> Opinions priority areas mentioned include environmental protection, agriculture and irrigation, municipal infrastructure, transportation, energy facilities, information and civil space infrastructure, social undertakings and other fields. Among them, in terms of innovation and eco-friendly investment and operation mechanism, << views >> clear to deepen the forestry management system, start the pilot reform of state-owned tree farms, carry out timber harvesting management reform, deepen the reform of collective forest right system, accelerating forest right transfer transactions in social capital to encourage investment in agriculture and irrigation operations engineering, << comments >> proposed to foster agriculture, water conservancy diversification of investors, support farmers' cooperatives, family farms, professional big, agribusiness investment and other new business entities to build and operate irrigation, rural drinking water safety, to protect the agriculture, water conservancy reasonable investment returns, through water rights reform to attract social capital to participate in water resources development, utilization and protection, improving water price formation mechanism, support for private capital and social capital to participate in water conservancy construction.

Of particular note is that the views >> << specially stressed the need to establish a sound government and social capital partnership (PPP mechanism, actively promote the PPP model in the field of public services, resources and environment, ecological protection, infrastructure, etc. while also optimizing government Use the direction of investment, improve the use of government investment, give full play to the leading role of government investment guide.

Innovative financing methods to broaden the financing channels, << comments >> put forward specific measures: to explore innovative credit services, social programs to encourage financial institutions to provide financing private capital held to support, promote agricultural finance reform, to provide the difference for the new agriculture business entities , features and services, give full play to the positive role of policy-oriented financial institutions, and encourage the development of key areas to support the construction of an investment fund, to support key areas of construction projects undertaken equity and debt financing to support key areas of construction projects using corporate bonds, project bonds and other income way, raise investment funds through the bond market. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.