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Xi Jinping left Beijing for state visit to Britain

October 19 afternoon, Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, paid a state visit to Britain.

Xi Jinping, accompanied by Chairman of the visit are: Chairman Xi Jinping wife Peng Liyuan, the CPC Central Committee, Wang Huning Central Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, Central Committee, Central Office Director Li gauntlet, State Councilor Yang Jiechi.

[Xi Chairman of the visit to the UK tour Special Report]

In recent days, in order to meet the President Xi Jinping to visit the streets of the British capital London, he arranged a large number of Chinese elements, London blowing 'Chinese style.' All walks of life including the British officials and the public eagerly awaited study, including the Chairman's visit, and the pre- I wish the visit a success.

British capital London is the first stop on the visit of Chairman Xi Jinping, now, this multi-cultural capital of the world has been wiped bright Chinese red.

Located in the heart of London's Chinatown, also decked out in British national flags, many shops decorated.

Many British people and the British Chinese are all looking forward to the visit of President Xi.

Manchester City is the second leg of Xi Jinping's visit to the President of the British tour. Manchester executive mayor Richard Rees said Manchester with China's increasingly close economic and cultural exchanges, Manchester is eagerly looking forward to learning the visiting Chairman.

Role in promoting the development of Sino-British relations as a booster, friendship and cultural exchanges between the two peoples is irreplaceable.

China and Britain from 2012 started the Sino-British text exchange mechanism senior people. In recent years, the Sino-British exchanges in the humanities, especially in the field of education, science and technology, and cultural cooperation has been very active.

Imperial College London as a world-renowned universities, working with China to expand cooperation in a number of research.

Here is the world's second largest Business University - the London Business School, is an ongoing university Chinese course, these students from around the world, for them to learn Chinese and understand China has become a required course.

Britain is one of Europe's national educational cooperation and exchange with China earlier. At present all kinds of students went to Britain about 15 million people, the British students in China about 6,000 people. China opened in the UK Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms which ranked Europe the first, a total of more than 20 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms hundred.

This year is the British cultural exchange, the various types of activities to introduce Chinese culture emerging in the heart of London, the British provided more understanding of China's channels.

<< Xi Jinping on literary work conference speech published booklet >>

CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping at the art work << Speech at the Forum >> booklet was published by the People's Publishing House, Xinhua Bookstore in the country with immediate effect release.

<< CPC Central Committee opinion on the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art published the full text >>

The significance of good literary works: the guidance of socialist literature and art flourish, published the full text CPC Central Committee on the 19th CPC Central Committee << views on the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art >> << views >> divided into 6 portions 25, included. and guiding ideology, adhere to the people-centered creative guide, let China into a socialist literary spirit soul, the creation of outstanding works worthy of the times; construction smashing art team, strengthening and improving Party leadership over literature and art work.

[Xinhua News Agency lengthy review] stimulate positive energy spawned new weather

Xinhua News Agency today broadcast a lengthy review << stimulate positive energy spawned a new atmosphere - the majority of writers and artists to practice general secretary Xi Jinping literary work conference speech of the first anniversary of the documentary >>, the full theatrical work conference held a year ago, the majority of literary work Xi Jinping, who conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech, with the writing on the era, with songs inspired people, passing the truth with dance, painted with a brush perseverance, cohesion with the camera moving, to create a large number of outstanding works, for the prosperity of socialist literature and art enrich people's cultural life, it has made remarkable achievements.

The article points out, the past year, in remote mountainous areas, earthquake, fields countryside, factories and mines schools, frontier line, always leaving the artists on the scene. They attentively cohesion, innovation, creative boutique impressive, traditional art revitalized. Meanwhile, extensive arts style construction, 'stressing quality, heavy German art' concept has become common practice in the majority of artists in, smashing a number of writers and artists to the fore, to establish a new era of elevation.

The article emphasizes that the majority of writers and artists are Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech under the guidance of peers and the people, sing for the era, continue to climb to new heights of socialist literature and art, and strive to achieve 'two hundred years' goal, the Chinese nation great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make new and greater contributions.

Dutch King Willem - Alexander will pay a state visit to China

Should invite President Xi Jinping, King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Willem - Alexander will be held October 25 to 29 visit to China.

Li Keqiang attended the national public Peoples entrepreneurial innovation activities ZHOU Shi-qiang tone persist in innovation-driven push forward the 'double hit' continue to stimulate the market potential and social creativity vitality

19, the Politburo Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing to attend the first 'national public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Week', and examines the theme pavilion.

To promote the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, showing 'double hit' results, provide a platform for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation elements together butt, approved by the State Council, organized the 'National public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Week' starting this year, in more synchronous activities.

Li came to launch Week main venue, live video showing the 'double hit' results around. Li Keqiang impromptu speech, he said that at present China's development has entered a new norm, the way in the development of new and critical phase kinetic energy is converted to the 'double a 'structural reforms to stimulate the vitality of the market potential and social creativity, to create the development of new engine this year at the world economic downturn and financial market turmoil, the first three quarters of China's economic growth of 6.9%, remained at around 7% especially relatively full employment, including 'double hit' played an important supporting role. 'double hit' also effectively promote structural adjustment, will promote the development of the over-reliance on natural resources to rely more on human resources, promote the rapid growth of the economy towards the high-end level.

Li Keqiang watched college teachers and students, respectively, and the return of migrant workers and other grassroots research and innovation achievements, he urged that the public business, Peoples innovation mainly in the 'Year', the heart of the 'public.' In the Internet age, regardless of the 'grassroots' or elite, you can join the entrepreneurial innovation, long before a show. 'double hit' is the income distribution reform and the promotion of social justice starting point, you can increase the number of jobs, to provide more equitable opportunities and unobstructed rising channel, so that more people get rich through their own efforts.

Haier Group and other companies introduced their idea of 'double hit' to achieve the upgrading and development. Li said that the advantages of the 'double hit' is not a small micro-enterprise patent, but also big business. To the public record through crowdsourcing, all the help, all the chips, etc. The new model, medium and small enterprises to bring production and organizational management model change, birth of a new industrial revolution, not only to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also promote the growth of the modern service industry and other new formats.

After listening to Dr. returnees results presentation, Li said, 'double hit' Need fully open, and not behind closed doors, to the global introduction of talent, and other elements of resources, the depth of integration with the world science and technology revolution, and national innovation butted against each other, to achieve Win-win cooperation.

Li started the country's first network site help public platform. He said the government do business innovators 'back-end server', through continuous improvement of public goods and services, continue to clear the constraints of the 'double hit' of obstacles and continued weaving livelihood security of the prison network, enhance entrepreneurship and innovation by trial and error emboldened and courage. should 'double hit' and decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service combine to prevent a gust of wind, going through the motions. To respect the laws of the market, to protect intellectual property rights and consumer rights maintain fair competition, so that product and service quality assurance, can improve, so that 'double hit' solid forward.

Li said that in order to win the future Innovation has become the consensus of the new era, the 'double hit' Spirit is shaping the new character of contemporary Chinese people. I hope everyone with a story more entrepreneurial and innovative development of new brilliant writing Chinese.

Zhang Dejiang chaired the second session of the NPC Standing Committee Chairman of the fifty-fifth session of

Twelve fifty-fifth session of the National People's Congress chairman of the meeting held on the 19th in the morning at the Great Hall. Zhang Peng presided over the meeting. The meeting decided that the Seventeenth Meeting of twelve session of the National People's Congress on October 30 to held in Beijing on November 4.

Chairman of the meeting suggested that second session of the National People's Congress to continue its consideration of the Seventeenth Meeting of the revised draft Seeds Act, the Judicial Committee of the NPC for consideration of the House bill on the deliberation of the draft charity law to consider the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee on the deliberation The draft bill of the regional resources of the deep seabed exploration and development law, consideration of the proposal of the State Council to promote the film industry the deliberation of the draft law, the draft decision on the deliberation of the State Council to authorize the licensee to carry out drug marketing and drug registration system pilot classification reform work motion on the approval of the deliberation << Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Agreements >> motion.

Chairman of the meeting proposed agenda include: consideration of the report of the Supreme Court judgment on the administrative work of the Supreme People's Procuratorate report on the execution of punishment supervise the work of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on criminal cases the mid-speed CD program pilot case Reports were to consider the report on the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group to check the Consumer Protection Act, the implementation of the agriculture law, respectively, consider the NPC Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee, Financial and Economic Committee, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting on the second session of the National People's Congress three times Report of the Bureau considered representative delivered the motion to consider the results of deliberations chairman Zhang Dejiang went to New York to attend the Fourth World Conference of Speakers written report on the situation, consider the report of the Credentials Committee of the National People's Congress on behalf of the qualifications of individual deputies to consider appoint and dismiss the case and so on.

NPC Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Wang on the draft agenda of the Seventeenth Meeting of the Standing Committee, made a report scheduling opinions, deputy secretary general of the NPC Standing Committee concerned, the relevant special committees of the NPC Standing Committee and representatives of qualifications Review Committee were made responsible for reporting on the Seventeenth Meeting of the Standing Committee on agenda.

<< State Council issued a negative opinion on the list of market access regime >>

<< State Council recently issued opinions on the negative list of market access regime >> clear the market access of the general requirements of a negative list system, major tasks and supporting measures.

<< Opinions >> pointed out that market access is a negative list system expressly refers to the State Department to list in the territory of People's Republic of China listed prohibitions and restrictions on investment management industry, field, business and other levels of government to take appropriate management measures according to the law of a series of institutional arrangements. market access outside the negative list of industries, areas of business and other types of market players Jieke equal access to the law.

<< Comments >> proposed negative list of market access including the prohibition of entry and restricted access to classes. To prohibit access issues, market players must not enter the administrative organ may not approve, approval, shall handle the relevant formalities, to limit quasi into the matter, or by the market players filed, administrative organs according to a decision whether or not to access in accordance with regulations, or by the body in accordance with the market access conditions and access way into the government regulations compliance, market access outside the negative list industry, field, business and other types of market players Jieke equal access to the law.

<< Opinions >> requirements, develop a negative list of market access, should adhere to the principle of the rule of law, security principles, the principle of gradual and necessary principle, the principle of openness. Market Access negative list released by the State Council to develop a unified, local governments need to be adjusted by the State Council for approval of the provincial government.

<< Comments >> proposed, according to the pilot, the principle of gradually pushed from December 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017, in parts of the market access trial negative list system, formally implemented from 2018 onwards a unified national market access negative list system.

[Said the number 'five'] livelihood is guaranteed to increase revenue

A state revenue, put it bluntly, is the national pocketbook second five this year, the country's financial strength was enhanced, increasing pocketbook big pocketbook put up more money to invest in education, medical and other livelihood areas. today said the number of five-<< >>, we have to pay attention to the new changes brought about revenue growth.

This is big money bags we state revenue, in 2011, the house put into the purse 10 trillion yuan, this is China's fiscal revenue exceeded 10 trillion yuan mark, to 2014, more money purse yard more than a year to put into the 14 trillion yuan, an increase of 68.9% over 2010.

2015 After a half, down to a rough estimate, the annual full 15 trillion yuan should be no problem.

Purse yard more money, you can spend a lot of places! During the second five, a lot of money is being spent and the people's livelihood-related fields. Like education, housing security, health care, these people are most concerned about the matter, the amount of the purse yard fiscal spending, on average every year to maintain a double-digit growth like the money spent on education, in 2014 compared to an increase of 1 trillion in 2010, while housing security and health care, the money spent in 2014 than in 2010 more than doubled.

Not only takes good 'pocketbook' in the money, but also to manage to get the money. During the second five countries in the 'bus', 'official reception' and 'going abroad' aspect of consumption, for five consecutive years decline. In 2011, the central departments of the 'Three funds' have a total of 9.364 billion yuan expenditure, and this year the central departments Excellencies budget has been reduced to only 6.316 billion yuan, more than 2011 more than 30 million young. And in this year, new The 'Budget Law' began, every penny purse yard place and role, under the supervision of the law should be spent plainly.

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