Tianjin Hubei Xiaochang Economic Chamber of Commerce Industrial Park admission enterprises signing ceremony held

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 103

May 20, Tianjin, Hubei Xiaochang economic chambers of commerce industrial park admission enterprises held a signing ceremony. County Committee, Deputy Mayor Luo Jianfeng, County Development Zone Work Committee, Management Committee Director Zhou Dongling attended the ceremony. Luo Jianfeng at the signing ceremony speech, he said, Xiaochang county government continue to increase investment in the industrial park infrastructure, we implemented a series of policies and measures to accelerate the construction of development zones, for investors to build a good platform for the development of entrepreneurship, contracted investment of up to 1.2 billion, and the market prospects are good projects, a strong impetus to the hope that the relevant departments to seriously implement the county government on policies to accelerate the development zones, in accordance with the requirements of a series of projects to investors 'convenient, safe and profitable.' for the purpose, adhere to the 'priority project' in principle, to speed up the project preparatory work, to provide a strong guarantee for the project, for the project to start early, early production, early and deliver results.

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Traditional Chinese: 天津湖北商會孝昌經濟產業園舉行入園企業簽約儀式