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Picturesque, evergreen trees, nestled in the winding turns 13 kilometers along the Yangtze River in Riverside Park, Hubei Province, is not only the premier along with the landscape, but also rare in the country's public leisure venues.

Ayutthaya is surrounded by green hills, from the middle of the city across the Yangtze River, the water swept water river gull gone, here is the city of Yichang in Hubei Province deputy center city style. As one of the city's two main city, Wu-Kong sac seventy percent of the eligible Riverside Park landscape.

Hosted the Olympic torch Peace Park, cohesion monuments eight pagoda with Chinese sturgeon and the finless porpoise infested rouge dam, these 'city in the forest, street in the green, in painting' Riverside beauty, has become the Wu-Kong a maximum card.

With the construction of Yichang District in advance, Riverside Park will continue the extension of the Yangtze River downstream direction Wujiagang area, will eventually reach 19 kilometers, were the first the first Yangtze River Park, will and development Wujiagang region total length of sky color.

Riverside Park development path, and development context Wujiagang area, just in a parallel line in Riverside Park new look, while the urban landscape and economic strength Wujiagang area, but also altered dramatically this decade.

Riverside Park in the middle, which is located Wujiagang area of this part of the project, 2006 October 28 broke ground this year, when he was Wujiagang District Mayor Zhang Peng, the third meeting of the General Assembly Wujiagang District Fifth People's Congress on the future of the region Wujiagang commitment: By 2010, the GDP reached 70 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 14.5%, investment in fixed assets reached 40 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 20%, total revenue reached area 680 million yuan, an average annual increase of more than 15%, of which the local general budget revenue of over 100 million yuan, an average annual increase of 16%.

Reporters learned that, in the year before the National People's Congress, that in 2005, GDP Wujiagang area is 3.56 billion yuan, local fiscal revenue of 3.3 billion urban residents' disposable income reached 8711 yuan, rural per capita net income reached 4594 yuan this year, Yichang wanzhou Railway and start building a new railway station.

Voice I hear ringing in the commitment to high-rise units have been changed. February 13, 2011, the same mayor Peng, the government work report at the fifth meeting of the Conference Wujiagang area of the Sixth People's Congress. In the past In 2010, Wu-Kong GDP of $ 9.4 billion regional financial revenue 822 million yuan, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 15,557 yuan, rural per capita net income of 6993 yuan.

'Eleventh Five-Year' period, the region's GDP Wujiagang area is 2.3 times the 'fifth' period, completing 134.3% 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' goals, an average annual increase of 16%, regional revenue is the 'fifth 'period 2.5 times, completed 120.9% of the planned target, the average annual growth of 20%, the local general budget revenue is' 3.4 times the fifth 'period to complete the planning objectives of 161.9 percent, an average annual increase of 27.7%, total fixed assets investment is 3.3 times the 'fifth' period to complete the planning objectives of 135%, five-year investment totaled 16.9 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 27.1% of GDP, fiscal revenue, fixed asset investment in four years to achieve double local general budget revenue exceeded billion mark two years in advance.

Economic development will inevitably bring about the rapid development of tertiary industry. In 2010, the tertiary industry Wujiagang area added value of 6.49 billion yuan, 2.8 times the 'fifth' period, the cumulative five-year total retail sales of social consumer goods 28.4 billion yuan 2.4 times that of the 'fifth' period.

Economic development, but also industrial economic adjustment optimization. In 2010, Wu-Kong-scale industrial added value of 1.64 billion yuan, is the 'fifth' period of 1.6 times. Foster electronic instruments, equipment manufacturing, biological food, rubber, chemical 4 output more than 10 billion dollar industry, industrial scale is 2.3 times the 'fifth' period of.

Eleventh Five - five years, is Wujiagang district rapid urbanization, five years. Wanzhou Railway large changes in urban and rural areas was opened to traffic, Yichang East Railway Station and put into use, Ng passenger terminal, Han intercity high-speed railway construction to speed up, regional transport hub basically formed. new construction and renovation Road east, in the South, should the ancient road, urban and rural roads, orange city Road, 64 Road, nearly 60 kilometers, 'four vertical and ten horizontal' initially built urban road network system, city skeleton significantly expand.

Beautiful city, bringing the grand vows.

When faced with five-second transformation development lane change beyond Wujiagang district, February 13, 2011, Peng made under oath at the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Sixth People's Congress Wu-Kong on the second five, Wu-Kong the quality and efficiency of economic development to further improve the main economic indicators GDP, fiscal revenue, fixed asset investment in the 'Eleventh five-Year', based on more than double.

Peng said Wujiagang area to ensure that the 2015 GDP exceeded 200 billion regional financial revenue reached 1.7 billion yuan, the local general budget revenue reached 400 million yuan, fixed assets investment totaled 46 billion yuan five years and strive to By 2015, per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 260 million yuan, rural per capita net income reached 11,000 yuan or more.

A five-year, is a five-year, ten years later, now Wujiagang they look like? February 2, 2016, the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Seventh Wujiagang District People's Congress held ceremoniously, standing for 10 consecutive years the government work report on the podium Peng, has been promoted to associate with home Party secretary post area.

Peng said that Wu-Kong in the 'five' in this five-year golden period, also Wujiagang area Nirvana takeoff, the first span of five years. They based the core area, the main battlefield mission targeting growth pole, and actively adapt to the development new normal, firmly grasp the initiative, struggling to promote the construction of new cities, in the '1025' period, the overall strength of the rapid jump. the main economic indicators double in five years, higher than the provincial average level of the city's economic strength to enter the the city's first phalanx, ranked first in the city.

It is understood that 'five' period, Wu-Kong GDP of 200 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 16.3%. Local public budget revenues 2.427 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 70.2%, two years ahead to achieve the goal of doubling social consumer goods total retail sales of 15.58 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 14.7%.

10 years ago, Wu-Kong realized Nirvana takeoff, the first leap from the past, 'the city does not urban and rural villages,' the dilemma, developed into a modern new city center of Yichang.

Peng noted, Yichang building a modern mega-cities of the opportunity, the whole region momentum, daring to dare to attack, good as good as the competitor, to promote the Wu-Kong 'second five' key indicators during the rapid, comprehensive strength rapidly increasing. The main economic indicators double in five years, higher than the provincial average level of the city. 2015 public budget revenue of 2.427 billion yuan, an increase of 25.72 percent, the city's economic strength to enter the first phalanx, ranked first in the city.

The rapid growth of the industrial economy into the urban industrial cluster development. Embodiment Wujiagang area of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry 'wheeled' strategy, relying trillion economic corridor along the river, to connect the city's six billion industry five years to build all kinds of 174 projects under construction 360, a total investment of 70 billion yuan, fostering the growth of Angel yeast, Yichang textile Machinery CENTRAL rubber and a number of leading enterprises. region's industrial enterprises above designated size reached 48 new 23 achieve the output value of 14 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 21.1%, 15 new high-tech enterprises reached 23, accounting for the proportion of above-scale industrial output value of 65%.

Tertiary industry sprung up everywhere, into the modern service industry booming period. The total investment of 15 billion yuan in the construction of 328 meters high Yichang Star under construction, and become the tallest building in the city of Yichang new landmark on Star international city, Xinhua Square, Hing Fat Square, East station logistics center and other projects to accelerate, CSG, railways and other corporate headquarters located in Ziyun, Jin Jiang Ginza, Wanda SOHO, Capitel Fortune Center, the city became the seat of Fukue Ming famous headquarters buildings.

Three Gorges Logistics Park annual turnover for the first time exceeded 200 billion yuan, becoming the largest logistics base in western Hubei Yudong. Wujiagang area were included in the province's first comprehensive reform of the service sector, East Station Logistics Park has become the province's modern service industry demonstration zone last year, achieving value added services to 14.84 billion yuan, accounting for 74% of gross regional product.

Urban and rural construction homeopathic fast forward into the image of the city rapid improvement of after Wujiagang area with the modern concept of promoting urban and green development, adhere to service the new district and the transformation of the old city simultaneously, highlighting the road network, public construction, placement, ecology first, city management significantly improve the ability Dongshan Avenue BRT, East station Road, Yan Road East, in the South, Hop Yick Road 28 primary and secondary roads opened to traffic, the total length of 61 km. City planning Exhibition Hall, Canal Park, a wetland Linhe cypress, two tenders to build open, east park, rain-Koen, seeking to speed up the construction of the square.

Peng said that by 2020, Wu-Kong should strive to GDP reached 35 billion yuan, the local public budget revenue reached 4.5 billion yuan, fixed assets investment exceeded 50 billion yuan, the scale of industrial output value reached 26 billion yuan, retail sales totaled 28 billion yuan, urban and rural residents per capita disposable income exceeded $ 50,000. The main economic indicators continue to increase higher than the provincial average level of the city's total economic output ranked first in the city square, and the GDP per capita of urban and rural residents disposable income growth to lead the city.

Party Secretary Zhang Peng Wu-Kong International Plaza Yichang research projects

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