Green barley wine net profit fell 27% on illegally added Neotame Heibang

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Xinhua Beijing April 23 (by Yang Yuyun, Li Nan April 23, Qinghai mutual highland barley wine Co., Ltd. (Green barley wine, 002,646 issued in 2015 and 2016 annual reports first quarter earnings, reported a 2014 net profit following the It fell 15.03 percent after 2015 net profit continued to decline 27.18 percent, the first quarter of 2016 and then fell 9.55 percent.

Green barley wine on December 22, 2011 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, the issue price of 16 yuan, as of April 22, 2016, the closing price of 18.15 yuan re right, it also means that if the issue had been signed long-term investors hold this share has, after four years and three months, the proceeds of 13.43%.

In the April 21 release of the annual report, the State Food and Drug Administration issued << Qinghai Province Food and Drug Administration in 2016 food supervision and sampling unqualified product information bulletin >> (hereinafter referred to as << Notice >> The << Notice >> display, green barley wine and other four companies a total of five products are detected by illegally added neotame.

Green barley wine brewing among the gods (and barley-wine cellars (respectively 500ml / bottle 42% vol and 500ml / bottle 43% vol detected neotame, according to GB2760-2014 << national food safety standards of food additives used standard> >, GB2762-2012 << national food safety standards in food contamination limit >>, GB 2757-2012 << national food safety standards distilled spirits and wine >> formulating national standards and product requirements express, belong not add products .

It is understood that Neotame is a functional sweetener, aspartame sweetness close, there is no bitterness and metallic taste often with the other high-intensity sweetener, sweetness sweeter than sucrose 7,000 to 13,000 times, Biasiba Sweet 30 to 60 times, Neotame in liquor and alcohol can increase the taste of liquor.

Statistics show that China << national food safety standards of food additive safety standards >> GB2760-2014 on May 24, 2015 formally implemented. Neotame GB2760-2011 there is no limit to the amount added, but there are GB2760-2014 detail of the added amount of fermented wine: 0.033g / kg maximum usage.

Xinhua food Statistics found that the liquor business due to illegal use of sweetener SFDA regulatory authorities notified more than once. Add sweetener illegal liquor business phenomenon has been more or less affected the normal order of the liquor market.

Conforming products found in the above sampling, Qinghai Province Food and Drug Administration in accordance with << People's Republic of China Food Safety Law >> requirement that production enterprises supervision departments to identify the location of batches of substandard products, the number and cause of the problem and according to law.

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Traditional Chinese: 青青稞酒凈利下降27% 非法添加紐甜上黑榜