150 million yuan! "Miracle warm" developer Suzhou stacker announced the completion of B round of financing

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 9

October 27 message, the warm >> << miracle developer Suzhou stacker network announced the completion of 150 million yuan B round of financing, securities owned by the Orient East Fang Xinghui Investment Fund (Beijing Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. lead investor, Song Dynasty Performing Arts Ningbo Song Cheng's Internet entertainment investment partnership (limited partnership with the cast.

Suzhou stack of paper was founded in March 2013, is a mobile games development company. Its main products are warm miracle << >>, << warm around the world >>, << >> and other warm facelift Story series of works in which the warm miracle >> << Tencent agent release, the beginning of the on-line access to Apple recommended, and quickly boarded the bestseller list before Chapter 2. Few women can get such a good hand tour ranking in the country .

In addition to the domestic market, warm series was first published in the overseas regions. Suzhou stacker founder Yaorun Hao graduated from Waseda University, home business so ago released in Japan Story >> << Dress warm hand swim in Japan 12 years on the line to keep more than two months after the game to pay list TOP10, second-generation products around the world >> << warm just on the line for two weeks, just to pay the full list in Japan made the first score. After that, still On China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and other regions around the world line the << warm: with students learning >>, the results are good.

Suzhou stack of paper has been developed hand-tour to dress class-based, it is learned, after this round of financing will also continue to focus on shaping the national female IP image quality goals, the interactive entertainment industry chain layout. In conjunction female user features, optimized warm Warm brand resources, create new IP image, have introduced new hand travel, simultaneous epitaxial expand into television and electricity provider market.

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