Far more than the stock market hot commodities-related stocks but no outstanding performance

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A-share market this week, though a bit weak, but the futures market is very hot, rebar representative varieties, cotton market trend attracts attention, equity futures concept A shares fast, however, pressed under the Exchange , futures stocks is difficult to have better performance.

Reporter Zhang Haijun

Rebar day turnover

Shanghai and Shenzhen total catch

Recently, the rapid gains in commodity futures cotton futures strong rebound since April 11 to April 21 1609 the main contract rose 3,000 yuan / ton, or nearly 30%.

More vigorous than cotton rebar. April 21, opening the rebar jumped more than 5 percent, rising again after gains narrowed more than 8% of the most high, closing up 7.38%. The same day, rebar main contract 1610 turnover of up to 605.6 billion yuan, a record amount of days. this day's turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen over the day's total turnover of 542.1 billion yuan, while the day's volume is equivalent to China's steel production year.

Other commodity futures to be outdone, Thursday's close, hot-rolled coil rose nearly 6%, coking coal rose nearly 5% of coke, steam coal rose nearly 4% in the chemical class, PTA limit, plastics, methanol up over 4%, PVC rose nearly 4 percent, glass, polypropylene rose nearly 3%.

In fact, the recent popular varieties this year have been amazing to get gains, which are steel and iron ore rose 53%, coke rose by 48 per cent. Some varieties of overheating has attracted the attention of regulators, on the period from yesterday start the hot-rolled coil transaction fee from 0.4 births adjust turnover for the millionth transaction fee rebar adjustment from 0.6 births for the millionth.

The concept of equity futures staged a 'day trip' market

'East west sunrise rain', as of April 21, A shares have five Lianyin, but the futures market hot mid boost China, shares in Hong, high-tech development, Xiamen International Trade and other futures-related stocks collective limit on Thursday Unfortunately, this limit is 'day trip', under the control of the Futures Exchange, the high-tech development, Xiamen International Trade, Philip industry shares on Friday appeared 4 to 5 percent decline.

Huatai Securities Xiahe business department of an investment adviser, said Zhang Yang, the increase of the transaction fee, DCE adjust iron ore and polypropylene breed standard fee, ZCE will publish risk reminder, this is a weather vane, indicating management We have noticed that the futures market madness. Thus, stocks futures market just for a day, and pressed the relevant exchanges.

Zhang Yang of opinion, although futures hot, but the company's profit contribution was limited futures. Futures on the company's revenue structure, the contribution of fee income ratio remained low, short-term hot trading volume on the futures company profit contribution is lower than expected in. so, even commodities bull market continues, stocks futures also difficult to have better performance. in the mid-Chinese leading stocks, for example, only stocks yesterday's turnover of up to 23.68%, if the net's largest shareholder holding shares, China's medium-term exchange rate close to 30%, such a turnover, but also to the Chinese mid-fall closing, indicating that next week the stock is difficult to have a better performance.

Stock market outlook is still big differences

Holdings or wait for the good policy

Why weak stock market, the commodity futures but hot up? There is a saying, 'Jiangsu and Zhejiang hot money speculation.' Zhang Yang reached the view that futures popular with hot money rampage sure about, but the larger context in the context of 'supply-side reform', with the the economy rebounds, the supply of commodities started to decline, demand-side upgrade, bringing iron and steel, building materials and other cyclical commodity prices rebound so, the Internet has such a piece, said:. 'people believe supply-side reform and recovery in the demand end to futures market, do not believe that people stay in the stock market Tucao. '

So, compared to the stock market and futures to make money is not better? Guoxin Securities Sales Department North Hubin investment adviser Symplectoteuthis said futures risk than equities many, the fall in the stock, or quilt, cover and hold dead then stick to cover short positions, there is a slim chance of re-energized, because after all, the stock is still on hand. But if the fall in the futures, margin deficit finished, it will immediately out, trying to turn to give back enough money to come back.

'In contrast, the stock market, although many differences large, heavy plate stuck on the file, leading to broader market fall 3,000 points this week, but overall, the market also should not be too pessimistic.' Symplectoteuthis said to have the patience It will capture the opportunity of individual stocks, which outperformed the broader market. in his view, the amount of land, the better strategy is to wait and see holding.

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