Tianmen Boy "black family" for 25 years because of love "rebirth"

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Original title: Heavenly Gate Boy 'black family' for 25 years because of love 'rebirth'

Sports Network (Reporter correspondent Lu Wei Hu Yi, Liu 16 years ago, her ex-husband abandoned her away from the field, leaving only one with her ho unrelated child, she displaced poverty, but never devoid of this ' black family 'kids love.

'Black family' 25-year boy Jiang Jiang (a pseudonym experienced many hardships. Finally, with the help of the public security organs under Tianmen, riding on the spring breeze of the new policy, Jiang Jiangcheng is the first case of Tianmen apply for identity cards to get through the judicial notary license after adoption example, not knowing where he came from, and forever home mother Yu Ping (a pseudonym where the Buddha Tianmen mountain.

In mid-February 2016, Chinese New Year atmosphere is strong, the day the Buddha Hill Gate police station, the household registration police Deng Xinhui smiling young man handed a sheet of temporary identity cards before the window, the young man excitedly holding identity cards look left and right look, quite blurting:

'25 years, I finally have the identity, my mother can rest assured.'

'This is just out of the train.' Deng Xinhui laughed.

Bang firecrackers outside the hustle and bustle of the Buddha mountain town, this moment, Jiang Jiang's life seems to have ushered in the New Year.

Black households 25 years, he was the most lonely crowd millionth 1300

Jiang Jiang memory, his first 'work' is washing dishes in a restaurant, the boss pipe two meals, no salary.

'Done a lot of jobs, but they are washing clothes and the like, I also thought about what skills to learn, but can not apply, the company want to go to a good point, the more impossible.' Jiang Jiang with a smile somewhat bitter.

There is such a 'vulnerable groups', because no citizen basic accounts as they can not go to school like a normal person, buy tickets and enjoy the health insurance ...... According to the sixth census, there are about 13 million such people, that is, commonly known as 'black households.'

And Jiang River, is the most lonely crowd of 1300 parts per million.

'I grew up smart boy, tall and high looks good, but a 'black households', think how many things can not think.' April 7, the day the door Buddha Town, Yu Ping talking about words when looked excited, 'he would have been a good girl met acridine, others never too he did not father no mother, but because no identity cards, marriage certificate can not receive, but finally did not become.'

Jiang Jiang met a girl named their daughter, gentle and beautiful, even if that Jiang Jiang family situation also with him in 2011, along with their daughter and come back to see Jiang Jiang Yu Ping, Yu Ping back to buy a pair of shoes , pair of shoes she now are reluctant to wear.

Because we want a legal commitment to the beloved girl, Hejiang than ever in the past are eager to have 'identity card', but this road is not good to go, the two being blocked in the secular barriers hard to spend 3 years years later, eventually pressured the woman's family apart.

'Black households' to the reality of love lost, almost lost confidence in the identity card did not think Jiang Jiang, Yu Ping will be embarked on an 'identity' for his quest of the road.

A village women love and courage, she embarked on the road of seeking 'identity' as a foster child

July 2015, came to the Buddha Ping Town police station. Police station who has lost count of how many times the reception dedicated woman, but in addition to comfort, this time they did not have any substantive sexual approach.

'No way, just like in the past, like the missing child, like 'come out' in.' Buddha Mountain Wu Dai-hua, director of the police station frustration.

'Come out' of the child, but the remark being poked in the Yu Ping and Jiang Jiang heart Jiang Yu Ping Jiang called the 20 years of my mother, in fact, they have no blood relationship.

In March 1996, the chill, 30-year-old Yu Ping back from a brick ragged Jiang Jiang. Jiang Jiang was less than five years old, his biological father who is not know the origins of outsiders, is widowed Yu Ping's second husband.

In the evening, Yu Ping give this little guy a bath, wash out a few big tub Blackwater, and gave him put on new clothes, I slept in the fish pond shed with her.

Even in the past many years, Jiangsu Jiangdu vaguely remember these things, I do not know why this was the love of parents of children at heart, this is the first life precious warmth.

Yu Ping told reporters, Jiang Jiang's father gone and mid-2000, before leaving the family dog, scooters sold completely. In order to make a living for several children, Yu Ping went to the mouth of others Beijing in easy money, selling newspapers, caregiver, almost all the money sent back home.

'Mom, you even can not feed my brothers, and I'm going to make money, grow up calling your ex.' 10-year-old was under Jiang Jiang cried juvenile discreet, he began washing dishes in the restaurant, followed by others to do the clothes, the greater the age, the more drawbacks revealed no identity, then let him clever determined the identity of the 'black family' is like a galaxy, he wants life severely cut off.

After years as a river after river suffered the blow of love, Yu Ping decided to join together all the effort for the children drop a family along the way, she did not know how many times to run the police station, I do not know how many people ask, from confidence, to loss of confidence, to regain confidence, circulation, but it also resolutely forward.

'We will pay close attention to the latest news domicile, must help your child's account to run down.' Buddha Mountain police station so they say, are doing so, they actively contact the PUC Hu Zhengke, waiting for a ice-breaking law.

December 6, 2015, Yu Ping Shan Police Station went to the Buddha.

'My child too hard, do not give him an identity, I will not die with eyes closed.'

Policy spring to 'ice-breaking' Heavenly Gate police to help 'black households' The boy has 'identity'

One day, Buddha Hill police station in charge of household registration instructor Li Guohong suddenly received in January 2016 of a telephone, notes are displayed Hu Zhengke Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible person.

The responsible person on the phone can not stop pleased: 'Li, there is another way, the State Council issued << views on the settlement of accounts registered and unregistered personnel issues >> document proposed to register without a comprehensive settlement of accounts staff Account problem, effective protection of every citizen to a legally registered permanent residence, prohibiting the establishment of any pre-conditions do not meet the registration requirements of the account, the account of the river on the river can be! '

This document expressly provides that: No procedure for adoption no account of the fact that adoption of the fact that persons not registered for adoption adoption no account, the parties can apply to the civil authorities in accordance with the provisions for adoption registration, with the << apply for adoption registration certificate. >> adopter's residence booklet, apply for permanent residence registration. April 1, 1999 << National people's Congress Standing Committee before deciding on the implementation of the modified >> domestic citizens secretly adopted children did not apply for adoption registration, parties may apply in accordance with the provisions of the notarial office for notarization fact adopted by the public security authorities for investigation and verification for accounts not yet registered, you can rely on the fact that a certificate of adoption, the adoptee's residence booklet, apply for permanent residence registration.

'In other words, this first step, is to get through the judicial notary registration certificate >> << adoption.' Li Guohong heart great joy, 'without further ado, now go tell them.'

During that time, the Buddha Hill police station and meticulous guidance of Jiang Jiang Yu Ping prepare relevant information for judicial notary, and deep Buddha Town shop Tsui conduct surveys, through visits to village cadres, villagers will Hejiang birth date It was calculated.

Step by step, and finally into the light place.

In mid-February, Jiang Jiang Buddha Hill police station received a phone call informing him over photo photo identity card registration, after few days, he will have the People's Republic of China resident identity card.

Photo ID card before shooting lens, Jiang Jiang first looked serious, but then could not suppress a smile, Buddha Hill police station patiently guided him until the picture complete freeze.

They will not understand how the police this guy happy and looking forward to it, even, black households for 25 years, he has spent his life almost a third of the time in darkness. But from now on, he will be one hundred million billions million ordinary Chinese citizens as 'fair and square' to be alive.

February 29, Jiang Jiang's official ID down, Yu Ping with life, the first courier quickly sent to the place where his son when handling the card, the rural women again and again to thank the police, overwhelmed with excitement.

'My child again asked the person back.' Yu Ping rubbed goes on printed photos, and son and himself a attribution of identity, then a finish, tears will fall down.

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Traditional Chinese: 天門男孩“黑戶”25年 因愛“重生”