"Top Trader" malicious boot reverse losses caused investors to 7 days 430 000

Updated: April 14, 2016  Views: 9

Together with the significant legal correspondent Reuters reporter Huang Xu Liwei Huang Xiaomei precious metals trading company 'Top Trader' malicious guide investors reverse operation, resulting in a loss of 43 million yuan within seven days of the investors. Recently, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Anyuan County Public Security Bureau uncovered fraud case investors funds for investors cheated Liu fully recover large sums of money.

December 2015, Liu was Anyuan County shareholders friends 'cow Marshal' stocks dragged into a group. 'Marshal cattle' in the group continue to instill speculation 'Guangdong expensive silver' make money quick concept and blueprint said a netizen fried 'Guangdong expensive silver' earn much. subsequently, the blueprint friends came out to chat about his fried 'Guangdong expensive silver' money experience.

In the stock market has 50 million deficit Liu diving in the group believed the sidelines for a month, on January 19 this year in the group of users, 'Zhang' guide, a precious metals trading company in Guangdong to open an account and become a member. Then the company arranged for staff self-proclaimed 'top Trader', and 'team of the General staff,' and captain 'Niu Qiang' in the name, the use of fraudulent means to mislead Ryu reverse operation, within seven days let malicious loss of 435,000 yuan Liu. do not feel Liu Miao report to the police.

Anyuan County police rapidly case detection, twice in Guangzhou, a precious metals trading company investigation, Liu eventually fully recovered 435,000 yuan of money. After investigation, the company seize the victim Liu rush back stock losses the psychological, arrange malicious employees use fraud to mislead Ryu reverse operation, let it paid the price.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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Traditional Chinese: “頂級操盤手”惡意引導反向操作致股民7天虧損43萬