Experts say the three major areas of focus along the way to follow-up investment to cover energy

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 47

Trainee newspaper reporter Su Shi Yu

Recently, China's foreign investment into the fast lane, the Commerce Department of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Department official said that the first three quarters of this year, China's foreign investment and cooperation still continues to improve. Statistics show that the first three quarters, a total of China's enterprises, 'along the way' 48 countries carried out along the direct investment, investment amounted to 12.03 billion US dollars, up 66.2 percent, accounting for 15.3% of non-financial overseas direct investment, the main flow of Singapore, Kazakhstan, Laos, Indonesia, Russia and other countries.

Over the same period, China's enterprises in 57 countries, 'along the way' along the contract foreign contracted projects 3059, new contracts amounted to $ 59.11 billion, accounting for 54.3 percent of China's foreign contracted projects over the same period the amount of new contracts, an increase of 24.9% mainly related to the field of power engineering, building construction, communications engineering, petrochemical, transportation and construction.

Pudong Shanghai Finance University, Executive Dean of the Institute of Xiao Hua told << Securities Daily >> reporter, said, 'along the way' direction and focus of follow-up investments include areas such as infrastructure, energy resources, agriculture, etc. With continued domestic support policies launched in the areas of policy effects are gradually revealed.

China Electric Power University professor Peng said that with regard to energy, the national grid [microblogging] Company pioneered global energy internet, the timely submission of the Silk Road economic belt transmission corridor is to implement 'along the way' strategy of positive initiatives. Energy as ' along the way, 'an important content of cooperation, cooperation in relation to traditional energy exploration and development, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy and other energy cooperation, energy resources in situ processing and conversion, as well as technical equipment and engineering services cooperation.

'Carry out 'along the way' power investment, but also to technology, equipment, services 'go' to encourage a high level of nuclear power technology, power generation and power transmission and other industries and enterprises to 'along the way' along national investment.' Peng expressed .

The Hua Xiao said that the next in order and 'along the way' along the country more cooperation, China and along the country needs more investment protection agreements signed to achieve lower domestic enterprises to invest in countries along the risk.

Vice president of Renmin University of China, Zheng new industry, said cooperation with China in the process 'along the way' along the country, opportunities and risks. Chinese enterprises 'going out' must have the means and measures to protect their investment protection agreements to advance the content and form of investment protection agreements must be innovative.

'The government should take the lead, first start large-scale negotiations, the establishment of mechanisms for the protection of enterprises, reducing potential friction. Particularly important in 'the area all the way' construction process, to establish a reasonable outcome-sharing mechanism to encourage enterprises to enhance local output capacity of the people and infrastructure. 'Zheng new industry representation. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.