Japan's Liberal Democratic Party DPP was founded doubts can shake

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Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, March 27 - (DPP established international observers Japan: LDP can shake

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiuling

Japan's two major opposition Democratic Party and the Reform Party on the 27th General Assembly held gangs, formally merged into the DPP. The DPP newly established in Japan in both houses of Congress to master 156 seats, becoming Japan since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in 2012 the strongest opposition.

The DPP hopes to win in the Senate elections held in July this year. However, the ruling coalition of the LDP and its ability Komeito composed contend? For now, the outlook is not optimistic.

The two parties merge

After the December 2014 defeat in the House of Representatives election, the Democratic Party of Japan on behalf of the opposition parties will recognize only be possible to compete with the ruling coalition through cooperation. December 2015, the Democratic Party and the Reform Party in the House first unified form will send strengthen cooperation in Congress. then after several rounds of internal exposure, the two parties in late February this year formally decided to merge. March 27, the DPP formally established.

According to reports, the DPP means 'move forward together with the Kuomintang', which inherited and absorbed the former Democrat and Reform Party's position and ideas, on behalf of the general public standpoint, adhere to the constitutional doctrine, committed to promoting institutional reform, the pursuit of freedom built symbiotic, future-oriented society, security diplomacy implement exclusively defensive defense policy.

The first new party personnel arrangements decided by the bipartisan, bipartisan important positions as senior co-DPP representatives (ie, the former Democratic Party leader Katsuya Okada served as the representative agent on behalf of the former Reform Party Congressman Kenji Eda, former Democratic Party Acting It represents a long-wife Zhao, Lian Fang co-chaired.

Former Democratic Party Secretary General Yukio Edano as DPP secretary general, former member of the Democratic Congress countermeasures Acting Minister Jun Azumi as DPP Diet Strategy Committee.

After the merger, the number of seats in the House of Representatives increased the DPP 96, the number increased to 60 Senate seats, a total of 156 seats in both houses, since 2012, become Abe strongest opposition.

Democrat and Reform Party merged showed Abe regime against the opposition is increasingly working this year on February 19, the Democratic Party, the Communist Party, the Reform Party, the Social Democratic Party and living together a bill to the House of Representatives to 'unconstitutional' as an excuse for the abolition of the new security law.

Cooperative State opposition within the ruling coalition triggered a certain sense of crisis. Japanese media quoted the Komei Party insiders as saying that the ruling coalition will use the next policy differences between the opposition pinned its differentiation.

Doubts about the strength

DPP can reverse the LDP one-party dominance of the situation? Now, is not optimistic. DPP master the 156 parliamentary seats, while the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito party control 461 seats, both of which are far apart. In addition, the DPP itself there are some problems.

First, the new party support rate has increased significantly difficult. Japan's Jiji Press poll this month showed that the Democratic Party supports the rate of 5.6%, Reform Party supports the rate was only 0.8%, well below the 23.1% of the LDP and Komeito 3%. Kyodo the latest poll results released on the 27th showed that 67.8% of respondents were 'not optimistic' the DPP, the new party people something to look forward only 26.1 percent. original Democrats pointed out that Japan has not yet recovered to the National Democratic Party trust, and therefore the newly formed Democratic Progressive Party will not support the explosive growth rate.

Second, the split in the party is inevitable. Democratic Party and the Reform Party are generated by merging parties, the Democratic Party in 1998 from the merger of the four-party, the Reform Party in 2014 by the Japan Restoration Party and the connecting party merger. In addition, the original parties the program is different from the general public on behalf of the Democratic Party emphasized the pursuit of social coexistence, reform the party stressed to promote the reform of the governing body. constitutional amendments on important issues, security and other merger between the two parties of the Democratic Progressive Party and the Social Democratic Party, the Communist Party, the party life there are also differences. this will adversely affect the opposition to cooperate.

Finally, this year's Senate election, the DPP's election the number of seats and more risky. Japan senator facing re-election every three years half of July this year, the DPP 60 senators facing re-election 43, election the proportion of up to 72%. By contrast, the LDP and New Komeito Party election the number of seats are numerous, but relatively low total number of seats in its grasp.

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