Let the sun speeding car riding

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 44

First Peoples National public entrepreneurial innovation activities Week main venue Zhongguancun outdoor exhibition area, there is always a place surrounded by a lot of people, attract them is a fusion of innovative technology, full of futuristic concept cars Hanergy Solarpower. Before the car cover, top and tail are dark gray large paved area thin film solar cell, solar cell front hatch cover can also be as open wings extended, expanded its use of space.

'This car can while open side of the absorption of solar energy. Paved the car is our self-developed chip GaAs solar energy conversion efficiency up to 30.8%, which is industry-recognized laboratory measured data, but also the world's highest solar energy conversion efficiency. 'Dr. Gao Weimin, vice president of Hina Holdings to << Economic Times >> reporter said, this concept car during the day solar chip in the outdoors, a day can be made about 8 kwh of electricity, which can be 8 kwh electricity for cars with 60-80 km, to meet the everyday needs of urban residents commuting. Because of the battery storage of electricity, even with cloudy car can be normal driving.

Vehicle weight of only 1400 kg, the integrated power output of 160 kilowatts, about one hundred kilometers acceleration time of 5.8 seconds, top speed of 200 km ...... Gao Weimin this car's performance familiar Han from two years ago began to study how to Solar technology for the car. They also integrated automatic driving, the vehicle and the integration of mobile Internet traffic conditions and other technical aspects of the frontier expected, hope the next car can go beyond mere transport property, become the third living space.

. 'This is just a concept car, the real market product still in development, time to market determined' Gao Weimin said: 'We are continuing research to improve, any technology must be constantly updated.'

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