"Patio Cup" Huangjiahu Art Kite Festival attract two thousand visitors (FIG)

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Original title: 'Patio Cup' Huangjiahu Art Kite Festival attract two thousand visitors (FIG)

March 26, 'Patio Cup' Huangjiahu Kite Festival gala held at the northern shore of the yellow house.

Sports Network (correspondent Golden March 26, warm spring, co-sponsored by the Chutian Metropolitan Patio, Wuhan professional kite Organization 'Patio Cup' Huangjiahu Kite Festival gala held from Wuhan, Huangshi, Ezhou, etc. More than 2,000 visitors gathered Huang Lake, competing kite flying that day flying kites of all kinds, is very spectacular, not only has the world's limited edition kite, there are up to more than 1000 meters tadpoles kites, kites and other palm-sized monkey .

Day event highlights a lot, most of the attention is on display the 'Fab Five will' kite. It is reported that the world's only kite set three, two of which were in the collection of the National Museum and the Museum of Taiwan, the third set He appeared in the current 'Patio Cup' kite Festival site.

Reporters saw, kite masters from around the country at the scene for athletics, cool stunt kite audience is amazing. The site also provides visitors with all kinds of kite DIY materials, for guests wayward graffiti, coloring.

Tourists gather Huang Lake, competing kite flying.

Who lives in Caidian Mao, with four or five kite came to the scene to participate in the Festival, he said: 'I usually liked flying kites, kites have a variety of home ten or twenty, so one heard Kite Festival on the drive come. this is the first time Huangjiahu eNVIRONMENTAL pretty good. '

It is understood that Huang northern shore of Lake River will further integrate the use of resources, ecological Wetland Park and Lake Road was built around synthetic yellow lakeside scenery. Moreover, Feng wins the Third Ring Road off-ramp has commenced, is expected to be in November this year about completed, traffic Huangjiahu area will be improved. Huangjiahu Chutian Metropolitan Patio benefit from the advantages of the project waterside location, the main improvement of the residential area will enhance the quality of living.

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Traditional Chinese: “沁園杯”黃家湖風箏藝術節舉辦 吸引2千余名遊客(圖)