Let ASSOCIATION truly become self-innovation and technology workers home - Chinese Association for Interpretation responsible comrades CAST system deepen reform embodiments

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Original title: Let ASSOCIATION truly become self-innovation and technology workers home - Chinese Association for Interpretation responsible comrades CAST system deepen reform embodiments

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 27 - (Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Xiaojie CPC Central Committee recently issued << >> CAST system embodiment of deepening reform of China Association for Responsible comrades 27th embodiment of the introduction of the background, basic principles, major tasks and measures to make authoritative interpretation.

To overcome the 'four modernizations' stronger link than 70 million workers as a bridge between science and technology

Q: What is the background of the introduction of the program?

A: Last year, the party's central working conference system mass organizations summed up the historical experience of the development of mass organizations, mass organizations to emphasize the growing political, advanced, mass, and resolutely overcome authority of, administrative, aristocratic, Entertainment Trend the implementation plan is to implement the mass organizations CAST work conference, a major initiative.

CAST CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the reform and development work. Last year, the central research comprehensively deepen reforms leading group meeting by China Association for Science and Society << belongs to the government to undertake an orderly transfer of functions to expand the pilot implementation of the program >> in January this year by the research department << Deepening Reform Association embodiment >> system.

Innovation is the driving force to lead the development of talent is the first resource to support development. CAST is the party and government with more than 70 million workers as a bridge between science and technology is an important part of the national innovation system. Unite and lead the work of science and technology who listen to the party, then follow the party, with highly consistent with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, it is the important task CAST shoulder.

CAST system program is central to deepening the reform of top-level design and roadmap for varying degrees of authority of administrative tendency, and scientists can not contact tight, incompatibility issues, three clear direction of reform, that reform institutional mechanisms to contact the service of science and technology workers, the reform of the governance structure and governance, innovation and public services for the community to provide a mechanism for the product by growing political reform, advanced, mass, and truly CAST organization building into a powerful vitality and Contact united under the leadership of the party of the majority of the vitality of science and technology workers and people's organizations.

Coexistence 'four services and one strengthening' + '3'

Q: What CAST deep reform goals?

A: The implementation of the program will adhere to enhance political guidance of close ties with the masses, highlighting the problem-oriented, learn to strengthen the body, adhere to the Five Principles of propulsion systems.

CAST system's goal is to deepen the reform through deepening reform, and strive to fundamentally solve the organ-based, administrative and other outstanding issues from the masses, learn to your development and service capabilities significantly improve the working methods of information, organization system networking, governance modernization to a new level, CAST political organization, advanced and mass more prominent, open, hub, platform type more distinctive characteristics, service science and technology workers, service innovation-driven development strategy, improve the scientific quality of the service of citizens, service party committee and government scientific decision-making ability was significantly enhanced, truly unite science and technology workers to contact groups of people under the leadership of the party, providing tech products, public service social organization, an important part of the national innovation system.

Particularly in strengthening the party committee and government scientific decision-making on the service, in accordance with the central requirements should play in national science and technology strategy, planning, layout, policies supporting role in efforts to become a leading innovation, rely on national, social trust, internationally renowned high-end technology think tank.

'Four to strengthen a service' is the original 'three services and one strengthening' expand and deepen '3' - an open, hub, platform type, then set a new positioning CAST organization, new image.

Learn to seize this belongs to 'a bid.'

Q: More than 200 national and local levels to learn how to deepen the reform?

A: The CAST system deepen reform, we must firmly grasp belongs to learn this 'a bid', highlighting Society governance structure and reform the way this focus comprehensively promote membership structure, offices, personnel appointments, governance, management reform, and advance. service capabilities and strengthen national and local CAST cooperative Society development, not enough to solve the cohesion, the vitality is not strong, loosely organized and other outstanding issues from fundamentally stronger and truly learn to do real well.

The main initiatives are: to improve corporate members of CAST system, to accept large enterprises and universities CAST CAST influential as China Association for Science and Society to your support group members focus on the development of individual members, unit members encouraged the scientists in their personal capacity. Join Society, dominant position of science and technology workers, the reform of the governing bodies learn to set up the establishment of the Council of moderate size and executive council, clear responsibilities of the Supervisory Board, the entity of the Secretariat, strengthening the ability to learn to work according to the law of the constitution independently optimization learn leadership structure, scientific and technical personnel and improve the rank proportion of young scientists to encourage academic disciplines, is closely linked to learn Commonwealth Society was founded to promote the Society of cluster development for large subject areas or the whole industry chain, and enhance academic influence force, a joint effort last year, 18 in the field of life Sciences Institute jointly established the China Association for Science and life Sciences Institute of the Commonwealth, is currently working well, played a good role model.

China Association for Science in conjunction with relevant departments to develop a series of specific initiatives to implement the program, a clear timetable and roadmap, select about 50 National Institute of structural and governance reform governance. In Shanghai, the first batch of Chongqing as the central reform on a pilot basis, and then select the 3-5 place as CAST reform, reform to establish evaluation index system to ensure the implementation of the reform task pieces.

Solidarity scientists listen to the party, then follow the party

Q: How to enhance political scientists lead?

A: CAST is the people's organizations under the leadership of the party, is the soul of CAST political career development.

Program to highlight and enhance the political-oriented, focusing on reform and learn from the work of party building mechanism, expanding their coverage and innovation Society Party organizations operating mechanism, strengthen the work of coverage and strengthen ideological and leading mechanism, continuously maintain and enhance the political, scientific and technological workers to consciously guide practicing four aspects of socialist core values in a bid to focus on strengthening the party's leadership, especially to strengthen party building work to learn effectively assume unite and lead the scientists to listen to the party, then, with the political task of the party, and constantly enhance their political awareness, overall awareness, core consciousness and awareness on par.

Grassroots members will increase the proportion of first-tier Internet technology workers home construction

Q: How to overcome organ of administrative and 'niche club' tendencies?

A: The China Association for Science has dual properties, it is both people's organizations under the leadership of the party, but also to provide public services tech products, scientific and technological community organizations to provide public services, core mission is to serve science and technology workers.

We proposed to look more toward the grassroots, the grassroots power more disposed to expand the coverage of grass-roots organizations, to build smooth and stable two-way channels of communication, and scientists solve ASSOCIATION Organization Information from the institutional mechanism is not tight, do not pro problem.

CAST program moving in the governing bodies and organs function adjustment and reform in the real trick, enhance the representativeness and universality proportion CAST Cantonese rank members to adjust the target increased from the current 58% to about 70%, the Standing Committee members rank up to about 75% from the current 56% to implement part-time Vice-President will be in a regular rotation system.

Deepening the Reform CAST authorities is also an important reform. CAST affiliated institutions compression of 25%, 15% compression career preparation, with increasing force and service resources to the grassroots tilt intensity. The institutional mechanism, restructuring the establishment of grassroots-oriented, grassroots service enterprise innovation service Center, the 'double hit' service centers, technical service centers in rural areas.

In addition, the plan proposes the construction of medium and technology workers home, explore the 'Internet + policy Services' operating mode. CAST leadership at all levels of the Internet real-name, to hear directly from scientists and voices opinions and suggestions, providing policy services, science and technology workers to guide law safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, science and technology workers to build spiritual and emotional ties to their homes.

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