US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

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United States 25 evening conducted a test intercontinental ballistic missile, which is the second of its kind since the test week, has aroused great concern of the outside world. [Span> Although nuclear capability routine testing is not so special, but some observers believes that the experiment aroused great concern of the outside world, but also unusual is that the US is interested in promoting this kind of attention. [/ span]

(Russian adventurism recovery, highlighting China's military in the South China Sea, North Korea farther and farther in the context of international relations and fragile on the road to develop nuclear weapons, the test to a certain extent, to convey the complexity of the diplomatic message to a specific audience .

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

US 26 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California successfully test-fired militia -3 not carry warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles

Assistant Professor, Center for American Studies, London School of Economics Nicholas Kitchin in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor << >> newspaper in a telephone interview, said: 'This is a very high degree of public trial, not just to those who monitor such military activities . the military personnel to see, 'he said:' I think, against the DPRK meant far more than for Russia. '

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

US intercontinental missile test-fired

The trial is to pacify Japan. Japan now increasingly worried about China and its activities in the South China Sea, Japan and the US defense commitment is trustworthy.

In the wake of the recent North Korean nuclear test, the United States and South Korea began to explore the deployment of missile interceptors Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD, namely the idea of 'de' system.

Reported that, let us take a look back at the trials, another goal of US diplomacy considerations: China.

Kitchin said that the prospects for China to deploy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system is extremely worried that a South Korean diplomat recently said that once the deployment of the system, 'it will instantly destroy our bilateral relations with China.'

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

US Minuteman III ICBM test launch

Therefore, the United States may take to pass a message to the Chinese: While the United States stands ready and able to provide defense for the allies in the region, but it will be remote defense, rather than as a threat by China to deploy more missile defense system in the region.

Kitchin said he was difficult to understand several recent trials have anything to do with Russia. In this regard, Russia's strategic nuclear forces independent analyst Pavel site Pod Ludwig agreed.

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

US Militia 3 ICBMs

Pod Ludwig said: 'I do not know, why do so many of this trial publicity might want to remind everyone of the US Air Force, deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles and performance is still quite good..'

He said: 'As for Russia, I'm pretty sure, no one will care where these tests are routine activities, they are not surprised.'

China test-fired six times to complete the secret weapon! Exclaimed the United States will never be

Recently, some media exposure, in the territory of China conducted tests for sixth hypersonic aircraft, this is outside the new hypersonic aircraft called DF-ZF, belonging to the category of ultra rapid mobile combat arms, through the carrier platform Chinese ballistic equipment from bases located in Shanxi Wuzhai emission actual launch, before any weapons developed by China in the eyes of the Western media, always a kind of feeling behind the United States a large distance, so that there is little the United States serious concern weapons, but China continues to expand along with the development of hypersonic aircraft regard, the United States was the first time I felt in this high-tech sector has been to catch up with the trend of China, China before the US hypersonic aircraft called WU-14 ( located in Shanxi Wuzhai launch, first discovered in 2014, may feel increasingly real value to change weapons, the United States has re-launched the arms named DF-ZF, in just 23 months, the Chinese continue to accelerate development of this flight speed of Mach 5-10 new weapons, so that US intelligence agencies feel very uncomfortable, even impossible that China has such a fast pace.

The latest is a test in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China conducted 23 am, this hypersonic aircraft test flight hours than planned to implement in advance, and has been successful. It has been concerned about China hypersonic flight test vehicle and technological advances to foreign media statistics, this is the sixth hypersonic test China conducted in 2015 is the third test of the protagonist, code-named DF-ZF, test flight faster than Mach 5, had been the Pentagon this aircraft named WU-14, this aircraft is the first trial in January 9, 2014, when the United States caused a lot of surprise and envy, because before the United States complacent thought he was the first to develop such weapons country.

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

China carried out in the territory of the relevant tests sixth hypersonic aircraft

US experts on the analysis pointed out that China's new hypersonic aircraft of its intelligence agencies to steal US military secrets and technological achievements, with the United States because it is being implemented 'rapid global strike systems' is very similar, but these weapons are called in China 'trump card.' obtained after this high-tech weapons, the Chinese should have the ability to beat any military enemy, even though China has a nuclear arsenal than the other nuclear powers (United States and Russia) is much smaller.

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

But before, a similar experiment in China, the United States has conducted two tests of similar weapons are HTV-2 and X-51A hypersonic glide vehicle, but both slow progress and many failures or encounter after the technical barriers and financial problems has been abandoned. However, the late US Air Force hypersonic aircraft program has been approved, and the Army has a similar experimental development program, but still no new progress message.

In contrast, China after the first trial is successful, then has conducted two tests, namely the time August 7 and December 3. Follow-up tests should be WU-14 gradually improved, and there are reports means that the test launch vehicle Long march -2C, which is a solid fuel rocket later mentioned in the report do not match, it is expected that the foreign media was false. I did not expect, in 2015, China is still intensive test WU-14, so far it reached last year with the same three times, the first two for the June 12 and August 20. However, after the United States were reported WU-14 seems to no longer use this model, and instead DF- ZF, I do not know its meaning is 'Dongfeng - conquer'?

In just two years, up to 6 consecutive test times possible to fully explain China's more sophisticated technical solutions, frequent testing of such weapons means that China will such weapons as a priority development projects, and continue to make technological progress likely it has become a global technology leader.

The United States is in 2010 began experimenting with hypersonic aircraft, while Chinese DF-ZF is at the beginning of 2014, that is, the gap between the United States only four years in the United States for their own country again, with respect to its substantial lead technical advantages when, unexpectedly, follow-up study in China has made great achievements.

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

China's Dongfeng 21D missile

Following the previous year came China has test 'Dragon' space plane and the 'One-day excursion' trans-atmospheric orbiter, the China within two years of continuous test DF-ZF, thereby shows that China is keeping up with the pace of the United States. China and the US, presumably from the test of time, with the difference of only less than four years, which is the difference between China and the US weapons technology with minimal project. it is also because of this, the United States giving rise to anxiety and panic, because the United States already accustomed to the traditional and potential rivals to keep more than ten years or a few decades the technology gap once opponents and military use of technology almost the same weapons, the US military is not even felt helpless to fight it!

US intercontinental missile shot one week two: Do not be afraid to appease China Japan

X-51A hypersonic glide vehicle

In addition to this technology can fight all kinds of advanced anti-missile system, but also has applications in other areas, such as effective range ballistic missile can be greatly extended. Dongfeng -21D ballistic missile, for example, the theoretical range of 1,500 ~ 2000 km, after using DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle technology, the actual combat range may reach 2,500 to 3,000 kilometers, which means that the missile's range will increase dramatically, almost the entire western Pacific will be the bomb within combat range. when the DF-31 intercontinental missile strike aircraft using this technology to perform tasks to the plus range intercontinental missile hypersonic aircraft used, then, regardless of the US aircraft carrier in that position on the earth, It will no longer be safe! More importantly, now it is known to prevail Dongfeng -31 intercontinental ballistic missiles, but after using hypersonic aircraft as a warhead, which eventually will increase against the distance to more than 10,000 kilometers, will give it the ability to hit all the targets of the North American continent, also they can not be intercepted.

There is no doubt that China is accelerating the development of hypersonic aircraft, if China successfully tested DF-ZF weapons and to achieve combat deployment in recent years, China will take the forefront in the world in terms of this hypersonic aircraft, the United States is very worried: Once China has 'one hour global hot topic' hypersonic missile will have the ability to both the United States and exchange, and also have the ability to break out of its anti-missile system, it would be unthinkable, the United States will undoubtedly face a unprecedented disaster. for Americans, China successfully tested DF-ZF hypersonic aircraft is a very unpleasant surprises, but also appeared in a critical period of China's peaceful rise is realized, which makes the United States in the implementation of its 'Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy.' when, we had to face a new strategic choice, which means that the US attempt to encircle China's anti-missile system will become superfluous decorations, will force the United States to redefine the concept of national security is absolutely, therefore, the development of China hypersonic aircraft is extremely important strategic significance.

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