8-year-old boy was blind eye because fried food desiccant desiccant thrown cups boring

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Article Rugao Business Information Network News recently, an article entitled << 8 year-old boy was hit by dissolving >> eyes in online crazy pass. An 8-year-old boy will be thrown into the water desiccant cup, cup explosion results , spray splashing into the boy's eyes, leading to blindness.

On the day, the mother of his son in order to reward good grades, then to buy a lot of his son's favorite snacks as a reward. After eating snacks son, bored, they start playing snack bag of desiccant, children Mom went in with his son after the laundry Wanliaoyihui.

Less than five minutes when he heard his son's screams coming from the house, my mother quickly put down the job went to the house, I saw the son of his eyes, cup rolled on the ground, scattered around some water, next to it is a cup of food desiccant bag exploded, too late to think the reason is, my mother took her son to the hospital quickly.

However, just 20 minutes but destroyed his son's eyes, and his son's right cheek swelling, peeling, eye due to alkaline liquid erosion, resulting in blindness in one eye. Afterwards, the mother asked her son, he said he just took place desiccant water into the cup, did not think that the explosion, and then the eye will not see, and that something gets into your eyes, burned particularly painful.

Mom said that he only knew desiccant can not eat, no one thought the name would lead to serious consequences, and now his son is very irritable mood, might resent his life. Things like this, not the first time took place last year, had occurred in Fuzhou, in which a 5-year-old boy right eye.

Small desiccant, how we have so much power? It is understood that not all water will explode desiccant.

Such as quicklime desiccant, its main component is calcium oxide, calcium oxide in the water will lead to a drastic chemical reaction, instantaneous release of large amounts of heat. If you join a relatively small amount, it may become hot and cause deformation of the plastic bottle, Once the amount is added to a certain extent, while plastic bottles and in a closed state, plastic bottles may burst, instantly generate heat may also be people burns.

The desiccant silica gel desiccant and minerals, water only occurs after a physical reaction. Therefore, after the children to buy things, first check whether it contains a desiccant quicklime and unknown ingredients, if any, should be discarded immediately.

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