Beijing starting haze red warning private employee doing the doing

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Original title: British media: Beijing starting haze red warning most employees to work as usual

Reference News Network December 9 British media reported that the deal with the new round of haze days, Beijing for the first time launched a heavy air pollution red warning. This is so far the highest level of Beijing released haze warning.

According to the BBC website reported on December 8, the warning from at 7:00 on December 8 (at 23 o'clock on December 7 GMT) until December 10 and 12 noon.

It reported that the official suggested Beijing primary and secondary schools and kindergartens closed, enterprises can implement flexible working, stop large-scale open-air events in principle, public maximum use of public transport trips, reduce vehicle on the road, and timely in car flameout, reduce vehicle idling time scheduled.

But Beijing private sector employees, on December 8 to work as usual. Employees say, though reluctant on, but no way.

Reported that Ms. Yu said in Beijing to work, even if Beijing December 8 issued a red alert, enterprises and institutions to implement flexible work, but she works for a private company in Beijing, said:. 'The Overtime, the Gansha Gansha . '

From November 27 to December 1, Beijing suffered a severe fog and haze, but authorities did not release a red alert to face a new round of haze days, warning Beijing, she said:... 'This is also good.'

But fog and haze days work, Ms. Yu said: 'Of course not, but no way.'

She lives in Beijing wind North Fifth Ring, live in the 21st floor, still can not open the window. A window is a layer of ash blowing. Home with 85-year-olds, she described that haze days see The sun, the elderly in a bad mood, rarely go outside. also old cough.

For her own health, she said, it is now described with a mask every day, phlegm, night to go home to wash the nose discovered 'nose are black.'

Reported that travelers wearing masks of Beijing residents now has become almost routine she had got Also in Beijing, said the private sector work, and now store two bags, a total of six have filter masks. Last year's haze day, she consumed five . masks this year's situation, she said: 'It might kill 10.'

Because the nature of the relationship between the company, even if December 8 Beijing enterprises and institutions to implement flexible working, she also still have to go to work.

'Very annoying.' This is her work today respond.

Stay in Beijing after Beijing finished graduate work, she said, used to living in Beijing, even though the Beijing winter, haze and groaning, she also said that is not willing to return home, she said, not want, but can not go back .

Reported that Zhou said now go home every night to wash the nose, and had chronic pharyngitis. Haze days to respond to health threats and harm caused. She said now use 'physical therapy', such as eat black fungus, more Drink plenty of water and so on. She spoke of her own happily laughing on the phone. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.