Do not leave 2.5 days become "no office Friday afternoon."

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August this year, the State Council issued << Several Opinions on Further promotion of tourism investment and consumption >> proposed 'conditional localities and units according to the actual situation, according to the summer schedule optimization and adjustment arrangements for staff on Friday afternoon and the weekend Out leisure combine to create favorable conditions. '' plus weekend Friday afternoon, 'the 2.5 days vacation mode, then take the lead in the implementation of some units and places. BEIJING, reporters noted that since November, Hebei, Jiangxi, Chongqing and other places has issued opinions clearly encourage 2.5 days vacation mode. (December 8 China News Network

Although, the State Council of 2.5 days vacation mode only a 'advocate' level, but the localities and units is still very positive. Although the local response is only 'encourage' level, one can imagine that many departments and units also be willing to accept such 'encouragement.' If not unexpected, 2.5 days vacation mode will be in the 'advocates' among the 'encouraged' under, in public authorities start to shop.

2.5 days vacation mode triggered a heated debate. Some people say that this vacation model for the private sector, it has no meaning. On the one hand, the private sector will not 'promote' and 'encourage' positive response. On the other hand, even if private companies are willing to implement, but workers may not buy it, the private sector is more work to implement, is piecework. more rest for a long time, it means less take half wages. This fear is not unfounded. It was also said that 2.5 days vacation mode ., it can only be a good public service units and when some local lead 'advocacy' and 'encouraging', when they encountered some netizens saliva: really positive.

We need to think about is:? 2.5 days of vacation mode is not feasible, it is not required to find the correct answer before they could to take the lead in the implementation of public units overcritical society, a progressive development of a society, a front row. society, a humane society, should not be 'getting busy' and should be 'getting busy a.' After the economic development, to the fast life into slow life, to become a fast-paced slow rhythm, to become walking hurriedly walks of life. We need a 2.5 days vacation mode, 'slow down.' With this understanding, we might go ahead tolerant public units.

However, after the first step things still need attention. That is not the 2.5 days vacation mode into 'no work on Friday afternoon.' Because of the inertia of thinking, a lot of people still accustomed to the relevant departments to conduct business on Friday, which requires 2.5 days vacation mode implementation units, scientific arrangements, properly handled. To 2.5 days vacation mode, arranged for staff to continue to handle the relevant business. can not be all the staff are gone, the unit door latch, and necessary business can not be stopped .

China National Tourism Administration made it clear that the implementation of 2.5 days vacation mode, and not to reduce the workload, to implement in accordance with national law under the premise of 40 hours weekly working time. In other words, you should work on Friday afternoon ahead of time to arrange other weekdays. organs and units in the implementation of this vacation mode should adhere to the bottom line. Not because much put a half-day off work and influence. Also noteworthy, organs and units after the first step, how to get people in the private sector, not case affect revenue, but also to enjoy good system.

Implementation of 2.5 days vacation mode is a good thing, but do not become 'no office Friday afternoon.' Of course, when this model has gained, is already shared by all the time, you can shut the door on the organ, we went to so big world to see.

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