"Soil bank" to pry open the door to get rich

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For remote rural areas, farmers want to develop, lack of funds, loans and hard how to do in Yuzhong County in even Kawamura even plain countryside, the villagers have a convenient place? -. Mutual funds association as long as the village, the villagers, in the case of the development of production needed funds, you can borrow money from the association. Such a 'branch + association' model, is the villagers called their 'soil bank.'

300,000 of 'medicine introduction'

Even Kawamura located in arid mountainous northern Yuzhong County, the village 229 750 people. Since the natural conditions are poor, poverty-stricken population, the villagers would like to develop, we hope to develop a strong desire, how to embark on a road connecting the characteristics of the development of Kawamura, It is placed in front of the village cadres problems to be solved.

In 2006, the village whole village to promote the implementation of the project, in 2007 due to the implementation of the project is good, to get the province to promote the project advanced village whole village 100,000 yuan reward fund, the county has supported 20 million, as the consolidation of the results of the whole village of development funds.

How to Use the money? And how to solve the difficult problem of the villagers loans? Research village Party branch decided to take 300,000 yuan of money as village development funds to make it roll.

How to make it 'roll' move up? After the village party branch collective research, decided to create village development mutual funds, do the village own 'soil bank', so that the villagers can get at home within the village development funds.

In the specific operation, the first set up by the village party branch led mutual funds association, established the Board and the Supervisory Board The Board has five members, as the chairman of the village Party branch secretary, village director served as vice president, responsible for the issuance of borrowings and recovered by the Association Board of Supervisors election three prestigious villagers, working to oversee the Council at the same time develop the Articles of Association, mutual fund management approach, by the repayment of operating procedures and a series of rules and regulations in the borrowing limit and On deadline, each household up to 20,000, up to two years, the borrower occupancy fee of 1.5%. The villagers need to borrow, loan applications to the Board, and submit five UNPROFOR guarantees Council accepting applications After the borrower and the borrower's creditworthiness safety, profitability, etc. to investigate the situation, assess the risk of the borrower, the prospects for the development of good projects and actively support, the prospects were not good advice. loan principle is 'only village The villagers, poor priority, '13 year loan application filing cards poor legislation, all according to the maximum amount of $ 20,000 paid 260,000 yuan loan.

Train a number of rich leaders

In the past, because the threshold requirements for commercial loans is relatively high, so some villagers funding needs are not met. Now, mutual fund association through simple and efficient lending, both to meet the financial needs of the villagers, but also to make up for the short financial institutions in rural areas board.

'Development of mutual funds in our village many villagers borrowers not only solve difficult problems of insufficient production funds, but also trained a group of rich leader, from 2008 to the present total support of the 54 poor households out of poverty has embarked on the road to riches Also through five UNPROFOR enhance the relationship between farmers, promoting neighborhood harmony, improve the village 'two committees' team cohesion, improving the party cadre. 'village Party branch secretary Baiyuan Zhi commented,' Branch + Association 'Village Development mutual funds.

At the same time, the village has also taken '1 + X' approach, the organization 21 party members and 58 poor helping to form right, when poor households borrowing party as a guarantor, while providing seed breeding technology support to help poor households to borrow up and running. branch also actively guide the party members to support rich and strong, led the establishment of the Jerusalem artichoke, fodder, medicines, agricultural cooperatives serving four priority land poor circulation, poor absorption of workers into cooperatives so that increasing the income of poor households.

Party Huang Zhiwen established agricultural service cooperatives Dry Highland, buy a large farm loan from the Association to promote the mechanization of planting, some of the villagers to solve the problem of lack of labor.

In support of mutual funds, the village continue to seek and expand their own industries, such as drip nest, where the West Fork Club planted 2,400 acres of licorice, Radix, Kang kiln Club planted 2,200 acres of alfalfa, the next village club planted 1100 acres of artichoke, the initial formation of the three major industries of Chinese herbal medicines, forage, Jerusalem artichoke cultivation mainly, led the people to get rich, per capita net income of 4,850 yuan in 2012 increased to 6,800 yuan.

The formation of 'a poor person, help the' new fashion

Prior to mutual funds association was founded, Murakami 'poor white', branch Function of the Village to play 'no confidence', Murakami convene a meeting are difficult, the villagers always felt village cadres eat the bread of idleness of 'decoration.' However, in the mutual funds run after, for shortage of funds to provide people with the development of production at the same time, by charging occupancy costs, with some village collective economic income, public welfare undertakings have the economic base Baiyuan Zhi admits:.. 'Now I definitely feel that it was listened to speak, it was with the work'

Villagers Guangche always wanted to develop rearing sheep, due to lack of funds, Ins and Outs spent nearly half a year, ran a dozen times credit unions, have not borrow money after application to the Association, less than five days to borrow 1 million to buy 15 sheep, 50 sheep now only an annual income of about 25,000 yuan sheep.

Villagers Zhao red initially funded 10,000 yuan loan, planted 10 acres of Radix, Codonopsis 2 acres, 2 acres skullcap, a few years down the accumulation of more than 60,000 yuan last year, and borrowed 20,000 yuan, plus Minato from relatives and friends in front of the ride money, purchase a taxi, let his son run in Lanzhou rentals, now the family income is about 150,000 yuan a year.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the mutual funds, but also to improve the villagers' borrowed has also, to borrow is not difficult, 'the good faith compliance consciousness, formed' a poor person, it will help, 'the new trend, significantly reducing neighborhood conflicts and disputes.

According to the reporter, in even Kawamura 'branch + association' Village Development Mutual funds from its inception in 2008, to the present, the size of mutual funds reached the village 844,000 yuan, the development of association members 100, 152 extending the loan, the cumulative 1.994 million yuan, which is 13 filing legislation issued card borrowing 260,000 yuan poor, poverty of the villagers became 'booster.'

This year, Yuzhong County has undertaken in 54 villages 'branch + association' pilot village development mutual funds (which have established mutual funds poverty alleviation Village Development Association Village 12, this year the whole village out of poverty village nine municipal government subsidized loans, inject capital of 500,000 yuan per village, a total of 27 million yuan injected into mutual funds, and the promotion of this mode in Lanzhou City.

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