Zhengxiang District of Hengyang City, held a "Thirteen Five" planning work scheduling will be

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Original title: Zhengxiang District of Hengyang City, held a 'Thirteen Five' planning work scheduling will be

Zhengxiang station Red Net News December 8 (sub-station reporter Zhang Xianbo December 7 afternoon, Zhengxiang District held a 'Thirteen Five' planning work scheduling will be. Party Secretary Zhou Yumei, deputy secretary, mayor Lin Xi Yang, director Wangqiu Ming District People's Congress, District Committee, vice mayor Wang Hua, District CPPCC members of the party and the preparation of expert Zou Lai Shun, district directly relevant units attended the meeting.

At the meeting, participants will Zhengxiang District 'Thirteen Five' Planning a lively discussion of the first draft were different levels of economic and social development in different areas, as well as major issues on the structure and layout of the preliminary plan, 'Thirteen Five', textual wording and other aspects of amendments and recommendations.

Lin Xi Yang pointed out that the preparation of Zhengxiang District 'Thirteen Five Year Plan' planning to further understand the spirit of the central, provincial and municipal 'Thirteen Five', combined with the city related to the planning and the truth of our region, around livable, desirable industry, should trips and operability to prepare, to highlights urban-rural integration, precision poverty alleviation, overall well overall index and other livelihood content.

Zhou Yumei stressed that the preparation of 'Thirteen Five' plan to be in strict accordance with established procedures in place to solicit opinions, so that position clear, highlighting the features, padded short board, tap potential, project-specific indicators precise. To butt 'Ten five 'plan, the city planning butt, butt comprehensive well-off indicators system to enrich the content. At the same time, she was also on the third five-year plan made specific requirements for the preparation of the catalog framework.

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