Today's hand travel: the survival gear in the death of the "small flame Rescue"

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<< Small flame Rescue (PyroJumpRescue >> PinpinTeam by the developer of the launch of a horizontal version of the adventure game. As a small flame << >> adventure sequel, this made the gameplay than before and not too big change, players only need to click on the screen at the appropriate time, so that small flames jump from one gear to another gear, the way to collect air suspension in a small flame.

The difficulty of the game is to gear abundant species, in addition to its speed, the circle outside diameter varies, function is also very different. For example gears, small flames after landing with a black arrow will quickly turn to the direction of the arrow, and then look like a salute a jump out, another example barbed black gear, small flames met them once, will kick in, soul to heaven.

On the checkpoints set up, small flames Rescue >> << no longer use timing and collect flames coexistence difficult decision, the length of a small flame instead calculate clearance length and actual routes If the two values differ far , then prove that the players lack of skills. And the clearance conditions have become loose a lot, do not force the player to collect all the gold coins, but coins can be used to record clearance point, so if you do not want to repeat the challenge of weight repeatedly the same place, then efforts to collect gold purchase levels it!

In addition to the built-in game advertising can also buy gold, the role of gold is used to exchange a number of related items, such as gold and gold coins bonus magnet so, in fact, and there is no need to buy anything, the game you get the gold is enough Use of the (provided you have the patience to collect gold coins over and over again.

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Genre: Puzzle

Application platform: IOS

Rescue small flame single + Puzzle Puzzle + Leisure + toilet Size: 64.9 MB | Price: Free | Whether insourcing: No exclusive packs in iTunes 7.1 97973

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