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As we all know, World of Warcraft << >> is a far still no one beyond the 3D classic. Once upon a time, whenever mention domestic 3D gaming, World of Warcraft will be made by << >>. Even NetEase world 2 >> and << Jian Wang 3 >> << Xishanju also frequently been the 'Warcraft oriented.' But as the game market matures, more and more outstanding works entered the game player's field of vision. Players have more choice of games At the same time, we want to experience more different themes, different styles of game fun.

Pole evolution

Domestic game masterpiece frequency of a conventional hot theme

At the end of 2014, World of Warcraft << >> 7.0 in China, a global synchronization trigger seems to have no longer the year turned out. It really is a 3D MMO market decline? In fact, people have to self-developed 3D online games to Market proves that in addition to World of Warcraft, Chinese players have many good choices.

2015 3D game performance is domestic outstanding year. Earlier NetEase launched the new 3D oriental fantasy style tour encyclical >> << days in Korea much media acclaim. In formally launched shortly after the game, but also praise from players such as tide hit, encyclical >> << day famous southern writer penned build aerial fantasy world as a theme, the main concept of unfettered fantasy masterpiece, in the game, you can see the horned whale mysterious flying at sky, rear City giant turtle trek in the clouds, dreamy fascinating game scene.

Days encyclical

And another Tencent independent research and development, a series of martial arts wind made online games << >> Also Magic Blade 2015 3D game market evenly divided. Day knife known as by far the best martial arts theme game screen, in order to create a strong concept of martial arts , the day knife invited Chan, Yuan and equality film master guide, the game's combat is to let each player carries the dream of a true knight to experience a martial arts style: wind accompanying dodge flying over with a sense of martial arts action, the United States round of the US Huan environment, not let players have an immersive feel.

The Magic Blade

In addition to what we have magic and martial arts

All along, from the World of Warcraft, the sword three encyclical to the present day, the day knife, domestic popular 3D games seems to be only two types: the magic and martial arts in fact, the concern is that this year there will be a 3D sci-fi masterpiece is also of concern. is independently developed by the Guangzhou seek odd pole evolution of << >>.

Compared to the previous 3D games, evolutionary >> << pole in a bold attempt on the subject of science fiction game industry has been dominating the foreign game makers. Earlier, the Chinese people of their own creation science fiction << >> trisomy internationally greatly recognized, then the evolution >> << pole by the Chinese themselves as a creative science fiction game, for the majority of the science fiction fan, it is not also worth looking forward to it?

Experience is not the same 3D virtual world

<< >> Pole evolution surreal sci-fi story as a theme, background worldview magnificent huge, comparable to a science fiction movie plot ups and downs, exciting. Macross science-fiction concept, highly technological sense of the game scene, I believe will make every a science fiction fan are difficult to self-sustaining, but also allows gamers to experience a completely different 3D virtual world.

Beautifully shot

Moreover, evolution >> << pole is China's first self-developed 3D physics engine game developed based on the technology, special effects and picture quality are breaking the shackles of the past, the game engine. These will be the evolution of the current pole << >> exposure of the game screenshot reflected most vividly.

>> << Extreme evolution is about to begin the test, so stay tuned official website.

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