Bear child obsessed with hand tour krypton gold 8000 yuan

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Bank cards and passwords are in their own hands, in the case of no consumption, but was somehow turn away more than 8,000 yuan, who lives in the town of Huian net peak Akashi puzzling, I had the police for help.

Alarm, Lin City border police station immediately launched an investigation. And the transfer of Akashi consumption records from the bank. 'Read the above amount, just the amount we usually play the game deductions is the same.' Police, from Data Bank print of view, since August 20, Kang's bank card somehow been transferred out of the pen, paragraph 13, from the beginning of 9.5 yuan to 380 yuan per day, and many pen transfers are 95 yuan.

According to all indications, the police thought Akashi 12-year-old son. 'Chargeback game to go on basically, we call parents to ask children there to play the game.'

In Akashi repeatedly asked his son finally admitted the bank card payment on the purchase of gaming equipment when playing games cool running turn away. Originally, Kang worry that their children go to the beach the summer, put the phone showed him child Who knows kids are obsessed with cool running game.

Bear child obsessed father hand tour brushed away more than 8,000 yuan to buy equipment

Bear child kinda 'smart' after each finished the game, he took the bank to charge delete messages until September 4, Kang received a consumption records from the bank. 'Information display, my Cary there is no money. 'Mr. Kang said,' kids with Alipay and verification code, although the bank card password, but he enter the verification code, transfer money directly to buckle. '

After criticism and education, Akashi children said they will no longer buy the game online transfer equipment. Police remind the masses, and now the phone has a lot of quick payment, confidentiality, not as good, with phone verification code can be input into the charge, usually by phone to others with special attention should be.

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Traditional Chinese: 熊孩子迷戀手遊 氪金8000多元