Translation horse network and Tmxmall signed a strategic agreement to complete the translation circle closed loop

Updated: November 13, 2015  Views: 5

Original title: Translation Horse Network and Tmxmall signed a strategic agreement to complete the translation circle closed loop

November 13, 2015, translated horses networks and Tmxmall strategic cooperation ceremony was held in Shanghai Yangpu District KIC. Translation Network founder and CEO Zhang Ma Ma, founder and CEO of Zhang and Tmxmall well attended this ceremony, the two sides expressed reach strategic partnerships worldwide.

It is understood that after the agreement is signed, Tmxmall will support the development of all aspects of the translation horse network platform, free hundreds of millions of public cloud corpus retrieval services for the translation horse network users, the two sides will in product operations, project management, resource sharing, management, and corpus Cooperation in the field of translation technology aligned corpus, etc. are excellent corporate philosophy and professional ethics both sides, the spirit of 'reciprocity, mutual benefit and stable, long-lasting, efficient and quality' spirit of cooperation, formed a strategic partnership with depth.

Translation Founder and CEO Zhang Ma Ma said at the signing ceremony, which is following a strategic partnership with Bao translation of Science and Technology, another major move translation horse network. Translation and Translation Bao Ma Netcom Science and Technology Strategy Translation project management work together to solve the problem, but there are many traditional translation industry producing pain points in the development process, such as the vast majority of language translation company assets do not attach importance to, or even ignore, but in the Internet + language services industry promotion, translation horse Network is committed to solve the traditional translation industry pain points and improve translation efficiency and reduce translation costs. Tmxmall strategic cooperation with, will open up the translation industry production channels, improve translation efficiency of small translation company, translation team and freelance translators brought greater assurance.

Tmxmall founder and CEO Zhang Wells pointed out that the cooperation is made after careful thought very beneficial to both sides decision translation horse network is having a strong technical support B / S architecture online aided translation platforms, as Tmxmall a professional English translation memories public cloud platform, in the English feed size and corpus processing technology in the international leading level, the rapid development momentum. Cooperation will build both output and input contents closed loop, open up the true sense the translation industry production channel .Tmxmall will provide free translation horse hundred million corpus retrieval network support, which is bound to interpret horse network users more convenience. The horse network access translation online-aided translation system, will further expansion of output capacity Tmxmall cloud translation memory, allowing more users to enjoy Tmxmall cloud translation memory services. In the long run, it will be a win-win or win-win strategic cooperation reached.

It is understood that the translation horse network based on cloud computing technology, is proposed based on the large data PAAS mode solutions. Timely interaction mechanisms through large corpus of data, personalized translation suggestion, good team task management and other measures to address the translation industry time fragmentation, task crowdsourcing, project problems under collaborative series trends. Internet put forward by Premier Li Keqiang + language services to develop a sea of blue, the Chinese go out along the way and other national strategies to provide strong language support services .

Tmxmall is a professional English translation memories public cloud platform, adhere to the 'data to create value,' the development goals, committed to the research and application of cloud translation memory stop solution; platform support in English bidirectional search, retrieval speed; corpus more than 50 million pairs, the total number of words of 10 million words, and continued to grow; high corpus quality, have been manually reviewed; corpus covers a wide range, covering economic, mathematical sciences and chemical, biological sciences, medicine, health , oil and gas industry, energy and power engineering, mechanical, industrial instrumentation, automation technology, computer and other industries and fields.

CEO of both companies have said that as the industry leader, charged with the task of development of the industry. The two sides believe that through this cooperation, can help the parties to further improve the overall operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. Achieve high-quality resource sharing, strengthen the core parties competitiveness; Integrate industry resources, open up the upstream and downstream passage translation industry management and production, creating a harmonious translation of the manuscript contained ecosystem text, images and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media, websites or individuals without authorization shall not be reproduced, and offenders will be held accountable according to the law. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.