O'Neal frequently startling game Baby

Updated: November 9, 2015  Views: 3653

Recently a game conference held in Shanghai, in addition to spokesmen O'Neal, the 'big sharks' around who has a beautiful face, impressive figure of young model has become the focus, not only the murder of the old record of countless films, but attracted O'Neal frequently eyebrows. Faced with this stuff, O'Neal began on the stage can not help but peek.

O'Neal frequently eyebrows

The game is baby Ling Yan, microblogging name 'Rabbit Sugar Sugar Princess Rinrin', nickname: Bunny, 22 years old, height 172cm, any of several well-known brand of photographic models, plane models also with sweet appearance, slim build shuttle. play in the major exhibition showgirl, look quite similar to Liu Yan (edit:. dac

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Traditional Chinese: 奧尼爾頻側目的遊戲寶貝