[The company] Homa subsidiary intends to sell 38.46 million plant

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 38

Panorama News Network October 19 hearing Homa (002 668 Monday afternoon announcement that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongshan City, east Industrial Co., Ltd. intends to sell Liangyao Zhang is located in Zhongshan City, South Town CAS Guangdong village industrial land use right and the ground Subsidiary construction (factories, office buildings, with a total assessed value of 38.4568 million yuan, the net book value of assets 31,270,800 yuan.

Homa [microblogging] indicates, the main production line has been moved to a subsidiary located in Zhongshan City, South Town Road leap plant, a subsidiary of the former office accommodation in a semi-idle state, in order to avoid the waste of resources and supplement working capital, the company decided to transfer outside the above land use rights and land real estate subsidiary. (Panorama Network

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