5 9:00 towards hot Ishihara Satomi teach you supernatural makeup

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Lead: In Ishihara Satomi latest drama in her dress and makeup, makeup, OL makeup imitate attract users, now we have to learn about Ishihara Satomi supernatural makeup now! (Source: Amy Women Network

Ishihara Satomi

Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara latest drama << towards 5 nights from 9 to fall in love with my super handsome monk ~ >> and Yamashita Tomohisa partner, staged super-romantic love story. Program aired, many users will harvest girl's mind, and Ishihara's play dress up and makeup also caused a lively discussion! So, come and learn Ishihara supernatural makeup now!

Ishihara Satomi

The drama is not the same with the past, this time played by Ishihara is bent on going to New York the development of 28-year-old English teacher, so I can see Ishihara dress more mature, a long curly hair is also very intellectual.

Ishihara Satomi

Ishihara in the play look very natural, workers can learn about it!

Ishihara Satomi

The play, Ishihara's career is an English teacher, so makeup is also more formal. Generally use simple earth color eye shadow, eye shadow painted emphatically, plus lying silkworm, the shape and the color of the natural eyes. Blush is generally used terms coral blush, blush not only brighten the color orange lines without obtrusive. Naturally, this is not exaggerated lip that work as a teacher, usually a touch of red bean paste color or pink, with Ishihara sexy lips really a nice capital!



Use liquid foundation base, build a sense of Refreshing natural makeup.


With champagne eye shadow and now even wiping eyelids open, and create a bright deep feeling.



With lying silkworm pen lightly at the moment to draw a natural lying silkworm, remember not to start too, otherwise it will become a lying silkworm caterpillars of.


Draw neat eyebrows with the eyebrow, eyebrows can be slightly on the pick, a lot more momentum.

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