Young cadres to be "honest increment"

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 30

In recent years, young cadres corruption cases often found in newspapers, many young cadres sacked called '80 corrupt officials', 'Dr. corrupt.' These young cadres highly educated, high-capacity, a young age emerged as the backbone of the business. people can not help them slip sighed with regret: national culture, individual effort, in exchange for their talent to serve the motherland, serve the people of the rare opportunity without fire destroyed the heart of greed, corruption step out this step. the pace of life put forward an abrupt end, turn planted to the abyss!

YOUTH LEADERS national cadres 'Delta', since determined to serve the people, we should always think for the country, for the people, always put the discipline and rules quite in front, to become 'good cadre of stock', 'clean incremental' Put dedication to act as a starting point, say more dedication, less about the condition. How many young people, youth flash in the unpretentious job, they speak of dedication, how many young people, the passion of youth sway in the vast land, they also speaking dedication.

Young cadres to be 'honest increment', talk about the bottom line, speak awe of the power to be in awe of the power of the people giving themselves more to fear, awe this should be a long-term youth cadres of life and values also not completely finalized, someone is not deep, the ability to resist corruption is not enough, we should awe, hold the bottom line. YOUTH LEADERS when participating in work generally have a sincere patriotic, people seeking the blessing of the heart, a lot of people indeed sacrifice, and eat a lot of pain, that is a lot of tired. Some take it as experience, their ability to get a workout, thinking has been sublimated, while others saw it as a cost, their inner imbalance , indignant that paid so much must have the appropriate return. even in the face the bottom line and the red line, nor unthinkingly crossed trampled, and finally embarked on the road of no return discipline violation.

Young cadres to be 'honest increment', talk about the rules, about discipline. No rules no standards, no discipline is less followed. Talented young cadres is the country in the early stages of his career should make discipline, about the rules of Thought deep bone marrow. If in the growing lack of rules, a sense of discipline, over time it is inevitable willfulness. Why do some young cadres in the audience behaved, after leadership positions, immediately corrupt, unprincipled, largely because they do not speak the rules, lack of discipline, that power pressure method, power on behalf of the law, have no right to harm when still small, greed will be like a scourge after the power has been out of control.

Young cadres to be 'honest increment', but talk about responsibility, about to play. YOUTH LEADERS should not hide behind a tree shade of trees, can not feel young, junior, go out into the back, face big, difficult to back to hide. To take the initiative to act, consciously develop their own look for a job, the ability to Director-General. there must be 'immediately do' spirit, with greater enthusiasm to work with the most efficient way to solve problems, promote their growth is really good Cadres. (soup Ding Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.