Industrial Investment: dogs fight Accumulate gold dollar this week, or to adjust the pressure

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October 19, 2015

Riding on the Fed to continue to expand during the year to raise interest rates expected to continue to cool in the east, on the international spot gold rose break since 1160, the highest on the probe 1191.45 last week, but better than expected US inflation unexpectedly, does not completely eliminate the Federal Reserve might tighten monetary policy this year nature, gold soon expand callback, the weekly chart included to bring hatched candle.

Gold in transition after US inflation data, expected to show the Fed rate hike is still the dominant factor in the gold price. In the case of global inflation situation is deteriorating, the United States and can not be immune, United States September monthly inflation rate hit in January this year, the biggest decline -0.2 %, but the annual rate of core inflation hit the biggest gain in three months, an increase of 1.9 percent, better than expected 1.8%, the core monthly rate increase of 0.2%, higher than the expected 0.1%, showing continued decline in energy prices was the main factor dragging down overall inflation, But compared to other economies, the US domestic economy is still supported to some extent eased the Federal Reserve may delay raising interest rates until next year's expected.

Considering the evidence the United States for two consecutive months of below-trend growth in non-farm payrolls, retail sales and industrial production are weakening, single inflation data does not completely change the current market interest rate the Federal Reserve is expected to slim the year, but at least prove that this is not no possible thing, is to support the hike more powerful source of confidence than Fed officials 空喊, it was enough to frighten the gold bulls produce. How changes in market sentiment this week, still has little gold trend may be a little concerned about the outlook in Europe and America How the market break of seven weekly China's economic growth, but better than expected to respond, the focus is still on the threat to the dollar.

This week the United States lack the heavy economic data, the dollar may fall on the burden of the European Central Bank [microblogging] the global economic downturn downside risks and inflation situation may lead the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates in the short term, but other central banks in easing farther and farther down the road the possibility of also increasing. On Friday the euro zone in September annual HICP confirmed for the first time since March this year, below the zero level, could prompt the ECB to strengthen further easing at this week's interest rate decision determination, rather than on the current talk is premature, then the downward pressure on the euro will mean passive push up the dollar, which weighed on the gold price. Otherwise, the long and short see-saw power may make the price of gold remained at the rebound high and volatile.

Technically, the weekly rally to maintain good posture, strong short-term test 50 weeks moving average (close to 1190 have hindered signs of correction pressure this week, preliminary support for 1160, we need to have the opportunity to step back after finishing 1200 pointing upward. Daily Stochastic tendency downside correction in the short term could test 1160-1150 area, but the area is not expected to maintain the upward trend will break this week propensity 1180 short line, look at 1163, the next break up look at 1152, and seek to stabilize near the stalls backhand to do more opportunities.

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