Hang Haiwang sail Luoke Wang ......

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We decided bloodthirsty hands, SM Eva Cove roar to 'slavery ~ DPS orcs never taught me!!' Hunter Hawkeye output abnormal violence (PS: This version hunter pet without output more violent)

BOSS Luoke Wang just about moves, immediately hand quickly kicked our DPS interrupted Robin, I also went to the upper with a rubber Cookin BOSS DEBUFF,

BOSS not have to make moves, I was again with a rubber gun control. After all, I play with a copy has been 10 years, with a fairly skilled.

Just hit BOSS lost 30% of blood directly to the second stage! BOSS open the big move directly to our treatment seconds old baby bud! ! Other blood line is high, I DOT also very slow, decided to continue playing.

Robin and Hawkeye, eat immediately open a large outbreak of syrup trick, worthy of our main ADC, BOSS flew only less than 15% of the blood.

Never thought, BOSS there is a third phase, to open the big move again, the main DPS Hawkeye to second, leaving me and Robin, SM3 people!

SM opened the big move, only a small amount of damage according to the BOSS, BOSS in the last 10% of the blood amplification trick again, we three were hit in fly Khan ~ ~ ~ ~

Summed up the next play process should be right, the ancient treatment Lei baby red hair should be replaced after this BOSS ~~

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Traditional Chinese: 航海王啟航洛克王......