"Asphalt: Nitrous" promotional video before the arrival of the first official version released

Updated: September 27, 2015  Views: 56

Gameloft's Asphalt Racing games << >> series has been obtained by virtue of the quality of attention and a lot of players this year in April, when the latest series of works Asphalt:. Nitro << Asphalt : Nitrous >> then quietly began testing, but has been no official version of the news and recently, Gameloft again released a new promotional video, with a look below.

Although this made only series derivative works, is not genuine sequel, but the game is still very assured quality. Easy to see from the video, the game now has a relatively high degree of completion, and it also increases the capacity of 15 M from the test version to 25 M, I believe the quality will also improve a lot.

Although this promotional video did not disclose officially added time, but I believe that we have not far away, interested players may wish to experience the previous test version, you can make a comparison to be the official version came out.

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