Inclusive and open, win-win cooperation, the peaceful development of the model

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Xi Jinping's visit to the UK is currently the Chairman. British courtesy of Longsheng, the world's attention the fervent, national reviews of the wide, have reached an unprecedented height. It is reported that during the visit the Chairman learning English and British sides have announced a 59 consensus agreement covering creative a number of areas such as industry, energy and education, I believe that with the stroke Xi Chairman depth visit to Britain, there will be more of a vision into reality. All this reveals China pursues an open and inclusive, win-win cooperation, development of the concept of peace It will become a model for the development of diplomatic relations between China and other countries as well as countries in the world under the new norm.

It is inclusive and open-minded, is a prerequisite for the establishment and promotion of good inter-State relations from the current practice of the President of the stroke and the current visit to Britain to see the results, open and inclusive is obtained, as well as maximize the common interests of both parties concerned, while ignoring all of the minutiae. Inclusive not evade history, but the gist is ultimately inclusive future. Inclusive never touch the fundamental concerns and core values of both sides, without neglecting other aspects of the concerns surrounding the evaluation, but put yourself in the exchange Bit feelings, according to the law legitimately sincere cooperation.

French writer Victor Hugo once said: the world's most wide ocean, wider than the ocean is the sky, wider than the sky is the human mind of a person, a nation or a country, whether to uphold or pursue what. ideals, beliefs and institutions, as long as the broad mind, can accommodate a wide range of ideas and practices, which embrace the world with open arms, and then on the wider world stage in many ways to create a brilliant future hand in hand.

Win-win cooperation is the foundation, is to establish and promote good inter-State relations platform. As early as 2004, Britain and China on the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership in March this year, the British major Western countries to become the first Asian infrastructure Investment Banking intention founding member, in the foreseeable future, the parties will jointly benefit 'along the way' development plan before the study visit to the UK as Chairman frankly stated as:. 'Britain has offered to open China's most western countries, which is a wise strategic choice, but also fully in line with the UK's own long-term interests. '

Meanwhile, the need for a comprehensive project to transform and upgrade capabilities British nuclear power, high-speed rail, also provide opportunities for the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. And, as the Group of Seven in the first to sign currency swap agreement with China, the United Kingdom, and is the first issuance of RMB sovereign bonds of countries with Xi's visit to Britain Chairman smoothly, and now people began to expect the United Kingdom again became China's first offshore RMB bond issuance countries.

Peace is the goal of development is the core among countries to establish and enhance good relations in the UK prior to visit, Xi President also very clear emphasis has always appeared to completely abandon the Cold War mentality, which is the current world situation accurately judged. Look today world, economic integration is the mainstream, peaceful development is the wish of the overwhelming majority of the people. If someone or some group in spite of the global development of the world while clinging to a corner, despite the global trend of development and hard moment, all day thinking about how to cooperate in the country set up barriers between them not only will eventually end up in bankruptcy, the short term will be to the benefit of the country's economy and national detriment.

In turn, the control has just published << Sino-British Joint Declaration on Building for the 21st century global comprehensive strategic partnership >> it is not difficult to find: in addition to the two sides and win-win cooperation between China and Britain, also includes 'the promotion of world peace, stability and prosperous global and strategic significance, 'with a global vision, global peace and development initiative plan.

As Chairman of the visit to Britain on the eve of Xi interview with Reuters, said: 'China is willing to work together with the United Kingdom, uphold inclusive and open, cooperative and win-win concept, to improve the level of cooperation, expand areas of cooperation, better benefit the two peoples.' I believe that Xi Chairman This statement applies equally expressed China has established with all countries of the world and enhance the good relations and exchanges between countries become future guidelines and templates in. (CNR network commentator Zhang Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.