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October 20, 2015, Hui Branch Education Group and Ali cloud together to create a 'national college Ali cloud cow coffee line' series of activities successfully landing the South China University of Technology. The event WiseNews education group together as Ali cloud start 'Ali Cloud University Plan AUCP 'an important step in landing universities, also marks the Hui Branch Education Group and Ali cloud, South China University of Technology to build Ali cloud computing and data science majors officially commenced the same period, the university joint well-known enterprises in Guangdong co-cultured big data and cloud computing professionals symposium held in South China University of Technology. from Guangdong Province Computer Society, leading Guangdong Province Computer Academy 10 universities, Hui Branch Education Group and Alibaba Group representatives attended the meeting, to jointly promote cloud computing and big data capacity Universities Religions innovative training model in depth, and proposed to accelerate 'innovation and entrepreneurship' bases in Guangdong Province, to provide favorable conditions for university students hit passengers.

'Ali cloud cow coffee national college line' South China University Station

It is reported that in June this year, WiseNews Education Group to join Ali cloud start 'Ali cloud university cooperation program AUCP', with its unique capacity to teach the depth of integration of innovative training model and successful experience in running the school-enterprise cooperation, together the world's leading Ali cloud cloud services providers eight major universities offer joint cloud computing and data science professional direction, to build the 'Internet + education' in the new ecology, and through the 'Ali cloud cow coffee National College Tour' Ali cloud computing and open to students Data Science direction of the first lesson. As of now, 'Ali cloud cow coffee national college line' it has already entered the Wuhan University, Guizhou University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the South China University of Technology, Ali cloud chief scientist Zhang Wen Song, senior technical director Ali cloud researcher Yu Feng, general manager Ali cloud Liu Song, and so calculate Ali Institute senior expert Feng Chaodeng large cattle industry with the students to share cloud computing, the typical characteristics of big data and future development by the end of November this year, Hui Branch Education Group will facilitate the completion of 'Ali cloud cow coffee National College line' into 'Ali cloud university cooperation program AUCP' first settled in the 8 985 colleges and universities, is expected to cover more than 1,600 college students.

'Judging from the recent extremely strong Yunqi General Assembly, we see cloud computing and all walks of life cross connect, power industrial upgrading and innovation. As universities we are very pleased to WiseNews Education Group will be converted to the forefront of technology systems personnel training system, create more opportunities for students to practice and global leader Ali cloud such knowledge and technology. 'Dean of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Software Sun Wei said Northern hopes and WiseNews Education Group and Ali cloud cooperative education, which allows the Students get the most cutting-edge cloud computing and Big Data knowledge, direct docking industry needs.

WiseNews Education Group co-founder, president Yuexi Wei said that after five years of development accumulation, WiseNews Education Group fully integrated industry resources and the quality of educational resources, teaching will produce innovative training model of integration from the initial line extended to the line thereby forming system on O2O training system. Running way aliyun university cooperation program through school-enterprise cooperation, through the full range of online and offline top talent cultivating innovative research-based, practice-based applications as well as mid-level talent base of talent, building high-quality and efficient talent that fully cover the needs of its ecosystem Ali for cutting-edge technology in the field of personnel, boosting industrial development future, Hui Branch Education Group will continue to play a core strengths, innovative training model will bring more universities, going into more discipline and professional being.

Set of government, industry, academia, research, used as one of the 'WiseNews education model' has been highly recognized by the industry and universities. 20 pm, WiseNews Education Group represented well-known enterprises in Guangdong Colleges joint co-cultured big data and cloud computing professional Talent forum. from Guangdong Province Computer Society, Alibaba Group representatives, and South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong University of Business Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Wuyi University, Dongguan University of Technology, Zhaoqing College, Guangdong Business School (in alphabetical order) College of Computer Science 10 leaders also attended the Guangdong region, to discuss the 'Internet +' era of how to expedite the implementation of Guangdong Province big data and cloud computing professional training, the implementation of 'research use' integration of personnel training system to meet the 'Internet +' urgent needs of the times to the forefront of information technology professionals. Meanwhile, around innovation and entrepreneurship education expand the depth of discussion and propose full course construction WiseNews Education Group in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship education and resource integration Advantages aspects of Guangdong Province jointly accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship practice base construction, stimulate innovation and vitality students, provide a broader platform for college students create passengers.

Well-known enterprises in Guangdong joint college co-cultured big data and cloud computing professionals forum

WiseNews Education Group since its inception, has been committed to cutting-edge technology, 'Internet +' and innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of personnel training, focusing on cutting-edge technology and the depth of integration of education, the needs of emerging industries of strategic transformation into a system of talent talent training system, with different levels of colleges and universities to carry out extensive expertise to build, to build a micro professional online education, cooperation, training and transport a total of more than 6,000 graduate future, Hui Branch Education Group will further open up the information barriers between universities and enterprises achieve knowledge recycling, to achieve broader distribution and sharing of knowledge through knowledge dissemination channels online and offline, in terms of knowledge sources and coverage combined vertical and horizontal, to build a comprehensive and complete new eco 'Internet + Education.' This document contains the text , pictures and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media, websites or individuals shall not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be held accountable according to the law.

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