"Dragon Wings Chronicles" Fighting girls coming soon

Updated: September 29, 2015  Views: 108

Massive new content XIBA << >> new version of Dragon Wings Chronicle has been formally launched on September 22, a new chapter in the story, Crusade new ways, PVP deathmatch mode, new heroes, new skin guild system together for you to create light Athletics Tour has been opened and tomorrow << >> Dragon Wings Chronicle will usher in a new version of the line after the first wave of small updates - new heroes fighting maiden official debut, the new skin Catwoman Phantom of Feng added , preview it together!

Love Commentary: Dragon Wings Chronicle

Players in the new version of the new chapter in the story section Silverwing, you can open the legendary Deathmatch Arena, players can follow the story here is not only crush the conspiracy invasion Wolf mercenary group and the souls of the mysterious organization won Deathmatch Arena . Glory on'll open a new PVP battle gameplay - but when it comes to the arena deathmatch mode, we have to mention this week, the new hero - Fighting girls.

[New Heroes - Fighting Girls]

Michelle was twelve years old, in order to treat each other's sister joined the black market arena, in the face of the war with her emaciated slave girl had tears fired a fist ...... now Michelle has Chi became black hand hot money machine, but also had not the year that immature girl. Although the general shape and rebellious adolescent girls about the same, but extraordinary fighting skills let her in the streets of the greatly increased risk, also had In a tavern a drunken fellow storm hit on the ground, and that Han is the Baroque known as the 'battlefield Tigers' reputation Barrett, is this conflict and make Michelle Barrett established a special friendship.

[The new skin: Phantom of the front - Qiamuqiamu]

Phantom of the front wings are very popular Long one of the heroes, hot body cat ears girl image has been loved by many players, mobile and flexible features allow her the freedom to shuttle in the woods, and maintain good onrush withdrawal capacity. However, this week officially launched the new image of Catwoman, cute kitten waving to you, oh!

After the line on the new version, Dragon Wings Chronicle >> << remain a small weekly update of 'good tradition', a week will have at least one new hero and new skin meet with the players, giving you continuous surprises experience more fun games! In addition to already announced that she will continue several new heroes on the line, there are a few mysterious new epic hero coming soon, stay tuned!

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