Xinjiang tourism "fire up"

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 4

Sudden cold weather had let Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi scenic breath of winter, Aunt Lin from Beijing positive and fellow icicle hanging ornamental pines. 'We are a delegation to Xinjiang tourism, the regiment has 26 people, average age 65 years. I have just been to the colorful city, Kashgar city, Keketuohai other places, Xinjiang is so beautiful. '70-year-old Lin Aunt spirits.

Director of Tianchi Management Committee Propaganda Department of Education regulations, Li-kun said: 'This year, Tianchi scenic indicators have a sharp rebound in the first half we tourists 109,100 passengers, an increase of 15%, revenue 10,514,500 yuan, an increase of 52% increase in a steady stream of visitors, stimulate good staff service, good security, good show enthusiasm. '

It is understood that the first half of this year, Xinjiang 5A level scenic spots all good recovery, increase in more than 24%, the highest growth rate reached 85.4 percent Keketuohai resort. Xinjiang received a total of domestic tourists 15,684,200 passengers, an increase of 15.78%, domestic The total consumption of 22.07 billion yuan tourists. inbound tourists 667,700 passengers, an increase of 7.82%, inbound tourism spending $ 183,607,500.

Xinjiang tourism good results thanks to a series of combination punches. In the past, Xinjiang tourist flows mainly in July to September, which accounts for three-month annual tourists more than 90%, significantly short board. To make the four seasons The tour will heat up, starting in 2012, Xinjiang start 'Xinjiang · Love tour home' activities, through a lot of publicity and accurate and effective incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of tourism enterprises, stimulate the enthusiasm of the people traveling, the effect is obvious.

In addition, the Silk Road economic belt raised, leaving Xinjiang tourism ushered in new opportunities. Xinjiang plans to invest 54.7 billion yuan, focusing on 100 key projects new form of tourism, has completed an investment of 14 billion yuan, the formation of tourism industry development in Xinjiang The Committee to guide tourism development group enterprises, vigorously create 'a good place in Xinjiang,' tourism destination image ......

'All 55 million annual tourists trips, an increase of 11%, completed 105 billion yuan of tourism consumption, tourism industry employed 125 million people.' Turning to this year's development goals, the regional tourism bureau deputy director of R & D on confidently said: 'Tourism To seize the opportunity, work hard. Next, we will further accelerate the completion of the Xinjiang Silk Road economic belt tourism center, built in the southern Silk Road culture and folk customs tourist destinations, to enhance the influence of Tourism. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.