43 academicians push chemical science appeal to young school chemistry

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Original title: 43 academicians push studied chemistry chemical science appeal to young

Beijing BEIJING, May 23 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) 43 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, a joint initiative created to explore Chemistry << >> series of popular science future of the world premiere was held at Tsinghua sheet 23 attracted more academicians attended. to attract the younger generation to love the old chemical become the common aspiration of scientists.

Virus manufacturing, composites, intelligent release ...... 10 short films, each 10 minutes, will be away from the phenomenon of scientific and technological achievements of the public with his right, showing a wonderful chemical world.

The 10-minute video has spent dozens of academicians and research institutions Universities frontline expert six years, scientists are free to participate in the planning topics, write text. The project sponsor, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jin Yong said this give hope to the forefront of chemical engineering achievements easy to introduce to you, and attract more young people to join the chemical Engineering study and research.

Mentioned chemical industry, many people first thought might be environmental pollution, global warming, carbon emissions exceeded and dangerous explosion. 'In recent years, PX (paraxylene), melamine and other public events in some embarrassment suffered, people 'talk about the mere mention of' whenever such incidents occur, it will fall into a passive scientific explanation swirl, highlights the system ahead of its time in the forefront of science is important. 'Chinese Academy of Sciences Li Jinghai said.

In fact, modern man can not do without food and clothing line of chemical products. In addition to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, cement, plastics, paint and other traditional chemical industry, as well as into each micro-chemical system, the new large-scale electricity storage technology, the element carbon, new new generation of monitors and other high-tech talent chemical is calling 'brain hole wide open.'

'A lot of people probably do not know our phone there are dozens of chemical elements.' Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Delong said that many young people now do not love to learn chemistry and chemical engineering, pollution feel, I feel there is no other high-tech industries attractive. in fact, Chemistry is an important foundation of human activities. Without young to be correct guidance for the future development of chemical and reserve personnel in the field of chemistry will be at a disadvantage.

It is reported that this series will be in the country and Popular Science issued 20,000 medium and large schools free sets. (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 43位院士推化工科普 呼籲年輕人學化學