IBF Chinese professional boxing league play 100 games

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Original title: IBF Chinese professional boxing league play 100 games

Youth Online Beijing May 23 Electric (China Youth Daily reporter Liang Xuan · Youth Online Professional Boxing League IBF China strategic cooperation conference held in Beijing this afternoon. Conference, IBF China region and the music, as the sport reached a strategic cooperation, depending on the music Sports get the next five years China Professional Boxing League IBF global network of broadcast rights.

'IBF China hopes to build China's first professional boxing league, promote Chinese boxing and boxing world convergence.' IBF China chairman Wang Rui Airlines said, 'IBF enter China the shortest time to develop very quickly last year, IBF Chinese professional boxing league a total of more than 30 small level of competition this year, the opening in the stadium there will be a world diamond gold belt match, so forward speed is amazing. at the same time, IBF and other boxing organizations each year a number of different fields only a higher level of competition, not only to in mainland China to develop the World Championship gold belt such top events, but also to reinforce the foundation of the tournament in the Chinese market. '

Chairman of the Strategy Committee of China IBF He Wenyi said: 'If a player took the gold belt of the four organizations in the US, Europe, or appearance fees in China are the same, such as the Kunlun decision, martial arts style of player, if you do not enter four international organization system, the value is not the same .IBF, WBO and other events to introduce China, the bargaining system so that players will be more conducive to Chinese boxers to the world. '

According to IBF China, Deputy Secretary General and spokesman Xiaorong Jiang introduced, IBF Chinese professional boxing league last year, has been successfully held more than 30 games in multiple arenas Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, more than 300 people registered boxers, boxing organizations other than the sum of , and 'the glory of the summit' held during the 2016 IBF World Congress IBF World Championship will be the IBF champion China for the opening of 2016, 'after the end of the game, IBF China Professional Boxing League 2016 season will open, plan in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Sanya and other six division games, a total of 100 '(editor: Cao Jing

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Traditional Chinese: IBF中國職業拳擊聯賽要打100場