Hong Kong Liyuan playground summer come back again introduced the first electric Kart in Hong Kong

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Original title: Hong Kong Liyuan playground summer come back again introduced the first electric Kart in Hong Kong

China news agency, Hong Kong, May 23 (Reporter Li Chaolong) - Was an absence of 18 years, Hong Kong Liyuan playground (Liyuan), in June last year had to reproduce Lights, was praised. Liyuan Co., Ltd. 23 announced this summer Liyuan come back again, siting AsiaWorld-Expo, organized summer carnival that time, Hong Kong's first electric kart yard will appear the first time in Liyuan.

The same day, Li Yuan Co., Ltd. held a press conference to announce, 'Liyuan Super Summer 2016' will be held from July 15 to August 7, there are 22 gaming facilities and attractions in AsiaWorld-Expo peripherals, the total area of the site up to 19,000 square meters this year, we will return Liyuan tradition, set entry fees.

Last year's carnival Liyuan held outdoors in Central waterfront, and staff are required to approach the sun and rain. This year, most of the games facilities and attractions will be concentrated in the interior, the new gaming facilities include a large inflatable arena, Hong Kong role illustrator Lin Pi creation of 'Su Fei female cat burglar,' the title of the labyrinth to Japanese animation 'Yo-Kai watch' in the title of the cherry town like.

Liyuan classic attractions and nostalgic games are selling last year in this area of interest, and the game greatly reduced, but the 'bananas' mechanical elephant 'Fantino', 'Zheng (throw) Order bricks', bumper cars, etc., We will again meet with the people of Hong Kong.

As for AsiaWorld-Expo, the approximately 8,000 square meters of space, will become Hong Kong's first electric kart yard, track length 650 meters from the famous German racing driver Michael Schumacher's track designed by designers, Bing was introduced in Germany the new electric go-kart.

Conference, Li Yuan, Chairman Qiu Dagenham thanks public support last year. He said that last year the main strategy of nostalgia, hoping to link up Hong Kong generations, this approach is to let people feel Liyuan innovation, and when Bing Jin, therefore reduce some nostalgic games expected again this year to bring joy to people of Hong Kong.

Founded in 1949, graduated in 1997, Liyuan, is a famous Hong Kong century leisure park. The end of June last year, Li Yuan to reproduce the form of the Carnival of Lights is open more than two months recorded nearly 1.2 million attendance. ( Finish)

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Traditional Chinese: 香港荔園遊樂場暑假再度重臨 引入全港首個電動卡丁車場