Were days of heavy rain hit Guangdong province launched a large geological disaster inspections

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Original title: Days of heavy rain hit was Guangdong province launched a large geological disaster inspections

BEIJING, May 23 in Guangzhou Electric (Tang Guijiang Zhugui Feng Zhang Jinjie) entered since late May, heavy rainfall in most parts of Guangdong, Maoming Xinyi particularly rare in history by extreme heavy rainfall in some areas worst affected, the Guangdong provincial committee 23, he said the province's land department is carrying out geological disasters in the province's large inspections to do defense work.

It is understood that due to the heavy rainfall the previous stage, soil moisture part of Guangdong Province geological disaster-prone areas has reached saturation, Mountain constitution to loose, damaged stability, prone to geological disasters.

Guangdong province in particular, around the front of the higher rainfall Maoming, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Yangjiang, Huizhou, Shanwei, Shenzhen, Heyuan, Meizhou and other regions, the land department is organizing inspections carried out geological disaster investigation work, the focus will cut slopes housing , schools, mining, construction and other areas included in the hidden danger range.

For the investigation out of the new hidden point, the relevant departments will take it into monitoring and prevention system, register, set up warning signs, card issuing understand clearly responsible for disaster prevention, increase inspection efforts, really good job in geological disaster prevention jobs.

Guangdong National Land Agency requires all relevant departments before June 10 will be carried out in the region of geological disaster point investigation found that the number of new geological disaster point, the total number of threats, which had been drawn number hidden point emergency plan has been monitoring the implementation of the responsible person the number of such cases reported to the hidden point.

Guangdong and more recently heavy rain to heavy rain, causing some areas affected to varying degrees. Guangdong Civil Affairs informed 21 shows affected by heavy rainfall, ending at 15:00 on the 21st, the province's population of 56.7 million people affected, the most severely affected Maoming Xinyi deaths of eight people, four people missing as of 21 evening, this strong rainfall process affect the province has been completed. (end)

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Traditional Chinese: 連日遭強降雨襲擊 廣東展開全省地質災害大巡查