Hong Kong April underlying inflation rate was 2.3%

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Original title: Hong Kong's underlying inflation rate was 2.3% in April

China news agency, Hong Kong, May 23 - Latest Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong SAR 23 released, according to the Composite CPI, overall consumer prices in Hong Kong in April rose 2.7%. Excluding the impact of all Government's one-world hardship measures the underlying inflation rate was 2.3%, compared with 2.8% in March is low, mainly due to the decline in the cost of travel and the smaller increase in prices of fresh vegetables due.

Amongst the various CPI, the highest price increases for housing, followed by food, eating out, transportation and miscellaneous services, while durable goods and clothing and footwear prices recorded a decline.

SAR Government spokesman said that underlying inflation eased in April, part of the benefit of private housing rentals and food prices due to slower-year increase. In addition, due to appear in travel costs dropped.

The spokesman also said that the future outlook, in view of global inflation, low prices, import prices soft, local rent inflation decline, and the rising cost pressure on other local projects moderate upside risks to inflation in the short term will continue to be controlled. (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 香港4月份的基本通脹率為2.3%