Yantai Naval Academy site memorial plaza completed

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Original title: Yantai Naval Academy site memorial plaza completed

Yantai Naval Academy site memorial plaza is completed, the founder of the Department of Bing father. Yang Bingshe

China news agency, Yantai, April 23 (Reporter Yang Bing) - 'Century of humiliation history of China and strengthen the country proved that the country is not anti-free stand, maritime defense is not strong, the nation's sea power at stake the survival and fate.' Yantai Naval Academy founder Xiebao Zhang's granddaughter, the daughter of Bing Xin Wu Qing 23, says.

April 23 is the Chinese navy's Day, Yantai Naval Academy site memorial plaza completed in Yantai, Yantai Naval Academy founder's granddaughter Xiebao Zhang Wu Qing and Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, part of the officers and men participated in the inauguration ceremony.

Yantai Naval Academy site memorial plaza construction by the Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, including about the Navy and Naval Academy training camp historical backdrop, bronze helm, the former site of the monument and some other naval school.

In 1903, Yantai Naval Academy established to train naval commanding officer, Xiebao Zhang served as the first president. School graduates a total of 18 sessions, more than 540 people, these students become the backbone of modern Chinese navy from school out of Li Long, He has thousands of miles, Guoshou Sheng, Deng Zhaoxiang etc. old Navy among the first communist.

Northern Xiebao Zhang graduated from the Naval Academy, was in Northern Navy 'to far' ship office. After the Sino-Japanese War, he was ordered founded Yantai Naval Academy, he served as the ROC government counselor Department of the Navy, the Navy Minister and other staff.

Wu Qing of China news agency reporter said that her grandfather Xiebao Zhang is a man of national consciousness and world vision of a soldier. He served as president during the Yantai Naval school ethos active and progressive ideas. Student Support Revolution, took to the streets, the principal Xiebao Zhang We have given support.

Wu Qing recalled that her 3-year-old mother with the grandfather Xiebao Zhang Bing Xin from Fujian moved to Yantai in Yantai eight years of childhood, to Bing left a deep memory.

Dean Yantai Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, said Li Ming, Memorial Square was built for the education of officers and soldiers keep in mind the Chinese naval history, to carry forward the spirit of the People's Navy, the struggle to build a powerful navy.

Wu Qing, said the sea will connect the world, the people and nations of people together, people's mind must be open like the ocean, never willing to world war. (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 煙臺海軍學堂舊址紀念廣場落成