Chongqing Wuling Alexander rift upgrade is complete "Asia steep" cableway debut

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Original title: Chongqing Wuling Alexander rift upgrade is complete 'Asia steep' cableway debut

The picture shows the 'Asian first steep' cableway said the 'dean of Wuling' cableway. Yellow Photo

The picture shows the 'day openings' cable tray in myriad mountains. Yellow Photo

BEIJING, April 23 Chongqing Electric (bell fluttering) reporter on the 23rd from CPC Chongqing Fuling District Propaganda Department informed that 'Asia's first steep,' said the Fuling cableway Wuling Alexander rift resort 'Wuling dean' cableway official this weekend open, ushered in the first batch of visitors.

'At present, the world's highest standard reciprocating cableway climbing angle is 45 degrees, while the 'Wuling dean' gradient of 42.6 degrees, the steepest in Asia reciprocating cableway.' Wuling Mountain Tourism Zone related personnel, he said, ' Wuling dean 'cableway two-lane dual reciprocating bearing 45 + 1 van hanging cableway that a single car for up to a security officer and 45 adults.

Unidirectional ropeway transport capacity of 700 passengers per hour, the line horizontal length 539.88 meters, elevation 360.66 m, 634 m plagioclase. Cableway is divided into third gear speed, the first tranche of 2 meters per second, the second tranche per second 5 m, the third tranche of 8 meters per second, the total travel for 3 minutes.

In addition to 'Wuling dean' Ropeway official opening, another 'day openings' rope bridge construction projects are completed, the two projects total investment of about 30 million yuan. A horizontal and one vertical rack cable two days in myriad mountains, forming a Wuling Alexander rift 'Heavenly gate odd risk,' the new tour line.

It is understood, Fuling Fuling District Wuling Alexander rift is closed invested nearly 600 million yuan to build a three-year project scenic, planning area of 29.96 square kilometers, with cliffs, peaks and sew famous wonders, 600-1980 m above sea level, the mountain , plateaus, valleys and other landscape scattered high and low, the core area of a 10 km long canyon of karst original ecology. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 重慶武陵山大裂谷升級完畢 “亞洲第一陡”索道亮相