Yield financial products to enter the 3 prefix

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'A few days before the 364 days of a product expires, to continue to vote, only to find this year's product revenue is too low, less than 4% of the annual yield.' Schilling Hangzhou public emotion, a year ago, the same the product yields are above 5.5 percent, 'the market has changed so much.'

Into April, financial products yields continued to decline. Data showed last week, a total of RMB non-structured financial products sold 864 models, the average expected rate of return of 3.97 percent, down 0.05 percentage point from the previous week, the yield for the first time fell below 4 %.

Five years for the first time fell below 4%

Yield financial products to enter the 3 prefix

3 fall into the prefix yield 5-year low

Yesterday, reporters on the founding of a state-owned bank in North learned that a 182 days of RMB financing products the bank has to be on sale, the expected annual rate of return of 3.8 percent, 'Zhou Ganggang this adjustment, perhaps even after earnings lower. 'the Bank financial planner introduced.

Not only is the state-owned banks, joint-stock banks financial products revenue plummeted, a 84 days period of financial products on sale yesterday, a joint-stock bank, the annual yield of just 3.35%, an additional 50,000 from a joint-stock bank issued investment a period of 182 days of guaranteed RMB financing products expected annual rate of return of 3.9%.

However, there are some relatively high yield financial products, financial products, such as a city of two firms has to be on sale, 35 days annual yield of 50,000 yuan starting point of 4.7%, an additional 35 days the amount of investment 10 million annualized return rate of 4.9%, but these products are new customers enjoy, not everyone can buy.

Data show that last week, a total sale on the market of non-structured financial products accumulated RMB 864 models, the average expected rate of return of 3.97%, below the 4 percent overall.

It is nearly five years, the average yield of RMB non-structured financial products for the first time broken down by 4%. Statistics show that in April 2011 yuan non-structured financial products average expected rate of return of 4% on the station, after five years it has remained at above 4%. In other words, the overall financial management fell below 4 percent for the first time in five years.

Low earnings will become the new norm

Financial products continue to decline, the industry believes that there are two reasons: on the one hand, the economic downturn in the background of the fundamentals, the central bank resorted to a variety of easing, after several rate cuts interest rates continued downward, the overall market liquidity is relatively abundant Another on the one hand, 'asset Allocation shortage' issues highlighted, reduce quality assets available for investment, bargaining power will further enhance the quality assets, assets in bank financing is difficult to find high-yield end products.

For the next period of time the trend of financial products, 'flat to down into 3 prefix will become the new norm.' Industrial Bank (601166 market, BUY) Hangzhou Branch of the relevant financial planner, 'said the short-term, low interest rate era and will not end, all kinds of financial products, including financial income includes bank still fell slightly. in addition, during the year there is still space to cut interest rates, so investors buy financial products should be noted that the term 'should be long not short,' as soon as possible to lock investment income. '

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Traditional Chinese: 銀行理財產品收益率進入3字頭