Kunming Wuhua Lung Street office is eligible for anti-corruption knowledge contest prize

Updated: April 22, 2016  Views: 9

Kunming Harbor News correspondent Longquan plot 22, Wuhua anti-corruption education knowledge competition into the final stage, Wuhua's Procuratorate, the District Education Bureau, Lung Street office and other six units of a total of 18 players came to compete for first class award.

It is understood that the main focus of this game << Communist Party of China and the self-discipline guidelines >> << Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations >> content to carry out, by way of knowledge contests, educate all Party cadres and consciously abide by the Party's political discipline, organizational discipline, honesty discipline, discipline, and the relevant provisions of discipline and disciplined life. firmly establish the sense of discipline Constitution Party regulations, strict compliance with state laws and regulations, to hold the bottom line discipline, and actively carry out all their work.

Finally, grab answer session, Lung district offices and District Sports and Tourism Bureau team's 170 points, good results are ahead of the other teams. Finally, after mandatory questions, grab answer, the risk of three title bouts, Lung street work place team won the first prize in the knowledge contest.

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