High-tech Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship paying hundreds of high-tech products fair appearance

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The fair Jiulongpo total of 45 exhibitors. Among them, the high-tech zones exhibitors 27. Reporters Li Jiani photo

DragonSoft at 17:50 on April 22 (Reporter Li Jiani naked eye without glasses 3D movies, 3D printing scene various objects, get to experience simulated aircraft annihilate game ...... April 21, Twelfth Chongqing High-Tech eighth China international Fair and dual-use technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as high-tech fair in Chongqing Nanping (international convention and Exhibition Center opened in the exhibition hall on the fourth floor, Jiulongpo District, a total of 45 exhibitors. among them, the high-tech zones exhibitors 27 enterprises, 109 high-tech products exhibition debut scene. Face tracking, earned second ad, the naked eye 3D touch, intelligent kit, displaying a plurality of systems integration projects exhibition debut fair, attracted a lot of people attention.

Seven industries hundreds of products, patents exhibitors

As the forefront of innovation and development, high-tech zones impressive. It is reported that 'five' period, the high-tech enterprises in Chongqing High-tech Zone of 153, the new volume and stock volume ranking first in the city. Accumulated Patent Application 9725, authorized 5475, thousand patents have volume 18.3, 4.3 times the city's new focus on the development of new products, high-tech products 1047, the city accounted for 17.3% of the total number of ranking first in the city.

In this high cross at the high-tech zones a total of 27 high-tech enterprises, 109 high-tech products, 51 Chongqing key new products, 666 patents, 338 copyrights and software development of the latest scientific research in the 281 exhibitors. involving electronic information, networking, Internet and mobile Internet, advanced manufacturing, biological medicine, new materials and new energy, energy saving seven industries.

Jiulongpo tech Zone exhibition 'fall alarm' cost exhibition highlights show wisdom platform responsible for holding the shape of a charging machine introduction treasure, 'This is a fall alarm, do not put it in the waistband of the elderly, as long as the elderly a fall, it will automatically send information to set up your phone and dial the phone Specified. 'correspondent to experience the scene when the alarm fell almost immediately to set the phone sent a message, the message is displayed by fall time and address while setting the alarm call the phone number, and set the phone after turning reporter can make a call. 'the alarm built a mobile phone SIM card, so you can make a call to the specifier.' responsible person .

'The exhibition fair of the whole project is innovative and creative products from technology start-ups and early-stage technology companies.' High-tech Zone of Chongqing official said the relevant departments, the public can actually feel the 3D printed glasses, intelligent home products, intelligent luggage boxes and other daily household products and create customer service team developed its own robot, unmanned aerial vehicles and the like.

Seven industries hundreds of products, patents exhibition. Photo reporter Li Jiani

Dividend policy help innovation and entrepreneurship

Chongqing High-tech Zone as one of the first five national comprehensive reform pilot zone, Chongqing Municipal Development and high-tech industries and transform and upgrade traditional industries and an important base. In order to better motivate and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, high-tech enterprises in the zone for different needs at different stages of development, to build a 'nursery - hatch - acceleration - industry' incubation industry chain, and put into operation the city's first comprehensive scientific and technological resources trading platform - Chongqing technology services market for high-end overseas talents to create the innovation base - the international Science and Technology business incubator also built the park opened addition, Chongqing High-tech zone has also introduced the introduction of talent, industry support, technological innovation stimulus package public innovation policy Peoples entrepreneurship, innovative entrepreneurs to provide the greatest 'dividend policy.'

'R & D investment accounted for the main business income reached above the regional average enterprises, financial investment, we will give 3-6% subsidy.' High-tech Zone Management Committee person in charge of relevant departments, the new year will recognize or identify and review the introduction of new high-tech companies to give 80 000 -20 million range reward. Meanwhile, also on the identification and introduction of new technically advanced service enterprises one-time award of 10 million, according to the amount of 5% of export proceeds given to technology subsidies. In addition, Chongqing High-tech zone has also introduced financial policies and science and technology research and development platform for building policy, high-tech enterprises and patent pledge loan bank loans were given 50% and 100% discount for the completion of the municipal engineering center, laboratory and technical center corporate one-time grant of 300,000 yuan, said R & D platform to build a national subsidy of 100 million.

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