Scholar: Do not expect the United States to reduce the South China Sea China should be prepared to intervene

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'Nansha demilitarization' is a false proposition

Xing Enshuo

'Nansha Islands and demilitarization', or 'the demilitarization of the South China Sea' has become this year's forum Xiangshan very sensitive and hot issues. United States, former Minister of Naval Operations Gary Roughead will be retired at the conference will be 'militarization 'is defined as: a military purpose, and infrastructure construction such as for military purposes of this really necessary to say anything on this.

First, the investigation 'Nansha Islands and demilitarization' of the context in which the implication seems to be 'China's share of the Nansha Islands and demilitarization,' If so, then China has no need to bother with this argument, because the last century, the Philippines and Vietnam and other countries had been occupied by China in the expansion of the Nansha Islands reefs, massive construction projects, the construction of military facilities for decades, who raised the 'Nansha demilitarization' problem? Today, China continued to maintain its own territorial sovereignty has been violated, the determination to expand the island, civil defense forces and the construction of the self-accounting reefs, some people dislike, I put forward the so-called 'Nansha demilitarization' problem, with such an obvious discrimination and prejudice formulation, China does not need to be taken seriously.

Secondly, if that is the 'demilitarization of the South China Sea,' it would have to ask, as the United States outside the country, the deployment of military forces in the region, drove the warship to enter the territorial waters of the other family, whether this is militarization, even more serious matter. If so, does this mean that the United States put forward the 'demilitarization' is to prepare to withdraw its troops and military operations from the deployment of the South China Sea?

Again, any country can not be undefended for construction land, and arming it is impossible to leave the necessary military facilities and capacity-building in those countries against China Nansha Islands and from accounting to defend capacity-building, and most want to reach the goal of three The first one is aware of China Nansha Islands and the South China building strategic situation could change, threatening the hegemony of its Asia-Pacific of the United States by sea, the second is part of the South China Sea sound cable States, and the third is China does not want the United States alright Allies and friendly partnership of countries, such as Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines in the past the United States and other countries do not care for the Nansha islands and reefs occupied military construction, because it not threaten their hegemony. Today, China is also building, the United States believes the 'threat' to the their own interests, there is a 'demilitarization' of the formulation. seemingly fair representation, but in reality conceal self-interest of the United States to seek motivation.

Fourth, we own use in the relevant language, can not fall into the American trap, accept its logic. For example, 'demilitarization' problem, this is indeed a false proposition can not withstand scrutiny, such as 'artificial island' problem on international law 'artificial island' does not derive the jurisdiction area of the sea, the islands and reefs of Nansha construction called 'the expansion of the island' is more appropriate. 'Expansion island' means it's original landscape be respected and acknowledged, is the island that island, reef that rocks on the Law of the Sea will derive the appropriate territorial sea, the contiguous zone or the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, and then for example, the Nansha Islands and 12 sea miles, 'territorial waters', which really is the logic of the United States.

China has not been delineated in the Spratly Islands territorial sea baselines, can not definitively say which part of the territorial sea, in accordance with the UNCLOS, future plans Nansha reefs Baselines need to consider many technical indicators. Therefore, the current delineation of territorial waters without baseline before Nansha waters near reefs, is security alert zone, for defensive purposes reefs, we can set the width of 12 sea miles or other, to prevent foreign ship machines closer.

In short, in the US view, China Construction on the Nansha Islands and its Asia-Pacific maritime hegemony, the United States will make life difficult in the South China Sea with China, the United States should reduce any expectations about the degree of involvement of the South China Sea are probably wishful thinking. Various aspects of China's needs fully prepared to deal with the security challenges of the South China Sea, in the framework of the Sino-US competition and cooperation, good control of the US warships machine to meet the crisis in the Nansha Islands. ▲ (The author is the South China Sea Synergy Innovation Research Center researcher) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.